Letters to the Editor – Week of July 24

Solar is solution to preventing wildfires

Here’s a suggestion for preventing wildfires and protecting more people from power outages – help more people make and store solar energy on their property.

First, there is less burden on the grid, so they don’t have to maintain power lines as much in wildfire risk areas. Second, people can keep their power on during an outage. Third, people also reduce their electricity bills. Finally, we increase everyone’s personal freedom and self-reliance (while also being a part of the solution).

You’d think the government and utilities would be tripping over themselves to make it as easy as possible for more people to install solar. But the opposite is true. The utilities do everything possible to attack solar with red tape and fees. The government just looks the other way, while also talking about spending billions more in public dollars fighting wildfires.

How about while they’re talking about spending all this money they also make a “Solar Bill of Rights” to stop the utility attacks on solar?

Mauricio Valencia

Menlo Park

North Los Altos needs more cell antennas

I was surprised to see the posters tacked to utility poles in north Los Altos to protest the installation of 5G cell antennas.

I was more surprised to see the reasons cited for the protest:

• “Cell towers bring noise.” I don’t understand how they would bring noise.

• “Cell towers bring safety issues.” I don’t understand how they would bring safety issues.

• “Cell towers bring unknown health risks.” Even though the final word on this has not been written, the scientific consensus is that they are harmless, particularly in comparison to holding a cellphone to your ear. The 5G frequencies are less able to penetrate foliage and structures than existing cellphone frequencies.

• “Cell towers negatively impact property values and aesthetics.” These are not new towers – they are inconspicuous antennas mounted on existing utility poles.

I have long been frustrated by the lack of existing cellphone signal coverage in north Los Altos. Often I have to step out of my house into the street to get a usable signal. I therefore support the addition of inconspicuous 5G antennas to provide better service.

I call on my neighbors to let the city council know their opinion by sending a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as I have.

Paul A. Kuckein

Los Altos

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