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Why did crosswalk need ‘improvements’?

The crosswalk “improvement” project at Covington Road and Riverside Drive is yet another counterproductive city project, highlighting a disturbing trend.

At an intersection where there have been no accidents, unattractive “pork chops” were installed that are a hazard to navigation. No local residents can be found that raised safety issues triggering this project.

The fee for this “improvement”? The cost to date is apparently $119,000, but per the city, planning did not include any landscaping or maintenance considerations.

How can a project be approved when no effort has been made to understand the overall current and long-term cost?

No irrigation was installed, so perhaps what has been done will need to be torn apart to install irrigation. If not, then city employees, or contractors, will have to come by a couple times a week to hand-water.

All of this for an intersection with no history of accidents. This project originated in the same commission that decided to install flashing stop signs on Los Altos Avenue.

We just don’t need extraneous commissions that create projects out of thin air to justify their existence. Limited city funds should be used to maintain and improve the city in real, well-conceived ways.

Roger Heyder

Los Altos

Intersection changes make roads safer for all

I was one of the Los Altos residents who contacted the city regarding the dangers faced by cyclists at the intersection of Covington Road and Riverside Drive.

My kids and I rode our bikes along Covington through this intersection daily when they were in preschool at Los Altos Parent Preschool, located on the Covington School campus.

We were involved in, and witnessed, many near misses (often involving kids riding to and from school) as cars sped down Covington and veered right onto Riverside, without slowing down or looking for bikes. The new intersection design forces cars to slow before making that turn, giving both drivers and cyclists time to react to avoid a collision.

I applaud the city for recognizing that cars are not the only vehicles on our roads, and taking concrete actions to make the roads safer for all!

Sara Payne

Los Altos

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