Letters to the Editor - Week of July 3

LAH council draws dissent on pathways, GreenWaste

After attending the Los Altos Hills City Council meeting June 20, I had two observations.

First, I was shocked that the pathway completion on Summerhill Avenue was not completed in the 13 years we lived off of Summerhill, nor in the five years since. The starts and stops in the paths along Summerhill force residents to just walk in what is a very busy street with several blind curves. Had a safe pathway existed, our children could have walked to school. Yet, instead of placing priority on a pathway that is unanimously desired and so sorely needed for the safety of residents, the town is arguing over a path on Robleda Road that is not only redundant, but requires a $50,000 feasibility study to determine whether it can even be constructed. What is wrong with this picture?

The second issue involves the new GreenWaste Recovery contract. There is a confluence of two factors that has created a problem for Los Altos Hills. A new state law forbids GreenWaste from mixing garbage and green waste in its trucks as it used to do. In its efforts to get every last bit of savings on the rates, the town got GreenWaste to decide to pick up only green waste in large trucks that cannot operate or access all town roads, so more than 400 residents in the town will be required to move their green bins all the way out to the closest road on which the large trucks operate. This will not only be a hardship on many residents, but also will be an eyesore throughout the town and create potential safety hazards for bikes, pedestrians and cars, as there are no actual designated storage areas for these bins.

I found it shocking that the representative from GreenWaste would suggest that we get around this inconvenience by having those residents break the rule by placing their yard trimmings in garbage containers, which is apparently allowed by the new law. Of course, those residents would also have to pay more for this service by choosing a larger garbage bin instead of a green bin.

Given that the suggestion requires residents to pay more, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a second, small truck to serve those residents? This would not only solve the problem in compliance with state law, but it would eliminate the unsightliness, safety issues and inconvenience of having green waste containers being placed along our major thoroughfares.

Cheryl Evans

Los Altos Hills

Why the ‘odd gaps’ in sports coverage?

I am puzzled by asymmetry in sports reporting. As the parent of student-athletes at Los Altos High School, a longtime subscriber to the Town Crier and an interested observer of youth sports in Los Altos, I notice odd gaps in reporting.

For instance, in a recent issue there was a large article on Blach Intermediate School’s track and field team and results in the tournament, with no mention of Egan Junior High. Perhaps Egan did not do as well, but I should think the Egan kids deserve mention. After all, they represent at least half of the Los Altos seventh- and eighth-graders.

Another example is the recent reporting of the Los Altos Hills Pathways 1-mile/5K/10K race. Both the 1-mile and 10K were mentioned, with front-page photos, but the 5K was not mentioned at all. (It happens one of my sons won that race, and his brother finished third, so it was disappointing that they did not get any recognition.)

Peter Holst

Los Altos

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