Letters to the Editor - Week of June 19

Student pinpoints dangerous intersection

My name is Alex and I am 14 years old. I am writing to you to tell you my feelings about the Fallen Leaf Lane/Homestead Road intersection.

I live on Fallen Leaf Lane and I use this intersection every day. It is not safe whatsoever. There aren’t lights. There are only things that flash on the ground and on a sign when a person tries to use the crosswalk.

Also, during rush hour, it is impossible to turn left because nobody is willing to wait.

Anyway, I would like to see change to this part of the city as part of the Safe Routes to School plan that the Los Altos City Council has been working on.

I hope my voice has been heard and I hope you have a great day.

Alex Eiger

Los Altos

Is outdoor fireplace necessary in heat wave?

It’s 101 degrees at 5:30 p.m. as I write this. I’m enjoying a cold drink at Le Boulanger and marveling over their “eternal flame.” The remodel has been great – but the outdoor fireplace is a disaster.

Why constantly burn fossil fuels exacerbating the climate change behind this heat wave? And why add warmth on a day that’s already hotter than Hades?

Please find a better use for that space.

Tim Twerdahl

Los Altos

LA police help find missing family member

Following is an open letter to Los Altos Police Chief Andy Galea:

On Sunday, June 2, a member of our family with early dementia wandered away from our home, and after a series of searches by family members, we contacted your department. Immediately Officer Levi Lnenicka arrived at our home to gather information, and he dispersed staff to search.

It didn’t take Officer Kelli Janda long to locate our family member quite a distance from our house, and return her to us.

It was a fast, professional and successful response, peppered with kindness and good humor, and we appreciate and commend all involved, with our thanks.

Barbara and Marv Emerling

Los Altos

Los Altos council: Let’s pool resources

I see that the Los Altos City Council voted for a consultant study for $100,000 on the potential for a community pool. This seems like a lot of money considering the entire Downtown Vision project was $300,000.

It’s hard to dispute the fact that one of the reasons (but certainly not the only one) the last community center bond was defeated was due to pools being included.

At the time, there was a thought to do two separate bonds – one for the community center and one for the pools. That thought was rejected since the collective wisdom was the pool bond did not have enough support.

Here’s a thought: There are two pools in our community that have a lot of unused time – one at Los Altos High and one at Mountain View High. These pools exist today and are maintained year-round. Why doesn’t the city look into renting time or entering into a multi-use agreement to share costs? Note that outside water polo sport groups are renting these pools now, so the mechanism exists today.

This would be much less expensive than a study, a bond and pool construction.

And residents could be swimming this summer!

Larry Baron

Los Altos

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