Letters to the Editor - Week of June 12

Students: Mobilize for climate change bill

The Los Altos High students who marched for climate change are heroes and should be given the keys to the city of Mountain View. In all seriousness, today’s youth give me hope for tomorrow’s future, because they are aware, alarmed and taking action to make their voices heard.

Engaged citizen volunteers from across the U.S. are also alarmed about climate change and will be converging on Washington, D.C., Tuesday to speak with more than 500 congressional offices to gain support for a bipartisan bill: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763). This bill in the House of Representatives will put a price on carbon pollution resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions by 33% relative to 2015 levels within a decade, and by 90% by 2050.

Many thanks to Bay Area members of Congress Mark DeSaulnier, Anna Eshoo, Barbara Lee and Jackie Speier for their early support of this critical legislation.

I call on the Los Altos High climate activists and other concerned local citizens to step up to save Mother Earth by asking Bay Area congressional representatives Ro Khanna, Eric Swalwell, Jerry McNerney, Zoe Lofgren and Jimmy Panetta to join their colleagues in support of this nonpartisan bill.

Carlos Rodriguez

Research associate

xCella Biosciences

Teens should cool down about global warming

A message to all the pampered high schoolers protesting global warming: I’ll believe global warming is an emergency when the people telling me it is an emergency start acting like it is an emergency. That means no jetting off to Davos or climate conferences.

You need to lead by example. Get back to me when you agree to a stone-age lifestyle.

Bill Hough

Los Altos

Hillview budget process proves ‘inconsistent’

Why is a 40% increase in the Hillview Community Center project OK? (“Optimism proves theme of upcoming budget cycle in Los Altos,” May 29).

Taxpayers rejected the $52 million community center project. Then the Los Altos City Council just announced the $25 million community center project with no taxpayer vote. Now the budget is increased to $34.7 million without a taxpayer vote. I don’t understand this process.

The May 29 Town Crier article explains (near the end of the article) that the increase is “the difference between the estimated $34.7 million cost of the Hillview project and the city’s original $25 million commitment.” It goes on to say the increase is justified because the “Hillview construction is the council’s No. 1 strategic priority.”

For reference, the $25 million equals $833 for every man, woman and child in Los Altos. The 40% “oops – our estimate was low” increase brings the total to about $1,133 for every resident.

Somehow we need a new separate funding source for $1 million per year (plus annual increases) to make sure that storm water projects are done. It’s a fee and not a tax, so the Proposition 13 rules do not apply to this new charge. But we can spend $35 million on a community center after voting an earlier one down. (I’m also curious how much the city paid for the professional consultant that shepherded the slick fee process through.)

This seems inconsistent to me.

Neal Campbell

Los Altos

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