Letters to the Editor - Week of June 5

GreenTown condemns use of gas leaf blowers

In response to Cheryl Klynn’s May 15 letter in the Town Crier (“Leaf-blower protester: Stop anonymous letters”), we thank you for ensuring that your gardener is operating an electric leaf blower.

GreenTown Los Altos is working on a public education campaign to remind residents that there is a ban on gas leaf blowers in Los Altos, and we will proudly put our name on any fliers we produce.

Not only are gas leaf blowers very loud, disturbing nearby neighbors, but gasoline emissions from gas leaf blowers are unhealthy: They spew toxic exhaust emissions and harmful particulate matter into the air. The California Air Resources Board states, “For the best-selling commercial leaf blower, one hour of operation emits smog-forming pollution comparable to driving a 2017 Toyota Camry about 1,100 miles, or approximately the distance from Los Angeles to Denver.”

Landscaping machines are some of the biggest polluters in California, and by 2020 leaf blowers and other small gas engines will create more ozone pollution than all of the passenger cars in the state. 

Please visit greentownlosaltos.org for more information; search “gas leaf blowers” for a series of articles on GreenTown’s blog.

Linda Ziff

Los Altos

Slurry paves way for smooth skating

I am writing to express my happiness about the work of Pavement Coatings Co. They recently applied slurry to my street. I love it because it feels great to walk on and looks much better.

Also, the smooth surface will be better for riding my Halo Hoverboard and for skateboarding. I am going to spend all summer getting awesome on my boards!

Hudson Afarian, age 8

Los Altos

Address state of ‘disgraceful’ medians

I kept hoping this letter wouldn’t be necessary because the problem would be taken care of.

Since that hasn’t happened, I’m writing to comment on the disgraceful condition of the median strips on Foothill Expressway between El Monte Avenue and San Antonio Road and on El Monte between Foothill and the Los Altos Hills border.

There are many dead and dying trees.

The weeds are so tall and prolific that the landscaped plants can’t be seen.

This condition has existed for weeks. It needs to be addressed, hopefully soon!

Sylvia Johnson

(No address given)

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