Letters to the Editor - Week of May 29

Let LASD, BCS students be part of solution

The unsolved problem between Bullis Charter School and the Los Altos School District has not yet asked for a significant contribution from the population that is in and out of the doors of its schools daily.

We only have two years to fix this problem.

I propose that both Bullis Charter School and the district for the 2019-2020 school year hold a special STEM Expo dedicated to letting the students figure out an innovative solution to this problem. The district needs to present the students with all the determining factors: the population of students, the square footage necessary for both the charter school and all the public schools and maps of each of school in the district. Have a city planner, a general contractor and an architect give presentations to each of the schools, and then see what ideas the students come up with. This is an issue of space. We have the resources to solve it with innovative thinking.

The students are bright, optimistic and creative. They know how this is impacting their lives, and they deserve to be part of the solution.

During the special STEM Expo, the decision-makers (the district and Bullis Charter School boards) should spend time listening to the students and looking at their proposed ideas. Also, hold community nights where everyone (most importantly the voters) can see what the students come up with.

As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!”

Alexandra Niederauer

Los Altos

Build more homes, not walls

I’m writing to express my disappointment with Cupertino Mayor Steven Scharf’s joke during his State of the City address about building a wall around Cupertino.

What we choose to laugh at reveals a lot about our true feelings. Mayor Scharf does not see the irony of poking fun at President Donald Trump’s border wall while also doing little to reduce the high costs and barriers that discourage fellow Americans from moving to Cupertino.

Our housing shortage is keeping families apart. My immigrant in-laws would like to move closer to me and my wife, but I’m afraid that will never happen if these trends continue.

For decades, too many cities and neighborhoods have been able to exclude people through restrictive land use. The More HOMES Act will open up more communities to more people. I urge State Sen. Jerry Hill to vote for the More HOMES Act (Senate Bill 50).

Robert Benkeser

Mountain View

Flower Day blooms at many LA schools

We enjoyed the article about the lovely Flower Day at Santa Rita School (“Flower power: Santa Rita students thank teachers, staff with 108 colorful bouquets,” May 22).

We would like to bring to your attention that several other schools in Los Altos also have had this tradition going back many years. Covington School has had an annual Flower Day for 16 years. This tradition originated at Springer School and was brought over to Covington by parents when Covington opened in 2003.

The Flower Day at Covington was spearheaded for many years by the late, beloved Shirley Pefley. Each spring during the week of Open House she would coordinate the day when students would bring flowers to school and dozens of PTA volunteers would put together flower arrangements for all the staff. This tradition continues to this day and is part of our school culture.

Susan Evard and Elena Shea

Los Altos

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