Letters to the Editor - week of April 24

Egan students deserve better

I respectfully disagree with the April 10 editorial (“Bombshell deal just might work”) and Nancy Bremeau’s letter (“LASD scores an ‘A’ for 10th-site plan”) concerning the deal to give the whole of the Egan Junior High School campus to Bullis Charter School and move Egan to a new site.

I grew up in the Los Altos School District and graduated from Egan in 1994. At that time we had six elementary schools, Bullis Charter School did not exist and there were 351 students at Egan. If my counting is accurate, it means 351 Egan students enjoyed an entire 18.8-acre campus to themselves.

Since then, enrollment at Egan has swelled to almost double what it was 25 years ago, while the size of Egan’s campus has been effectively halved by the encroachment of Bullis Charter School, which means the amount of land per Egan student is effectively one-quarter what it once was. And now we want to destroy what is left of Egan and confine the student body, which in the future may rise to 700, 800 or even 900 students, to a mere 10 acres, surrounded on two sides by traffic-congested streets and the other two sides by high-rise commercial buildings.

We passed the bond measure to purchase a 10th site and build a 10th school to accommodate increased district enrollment. I am failing to grasp how this deal accommodates any increased enrollment other than that of Bullis Charter School. For more than $150 million, it will leave us with precisely the same number of district elementary and junior high schools that we have now, and one of those junior highs will be a shadow of its former self.

Kids, please accept my apology, on behalf of all the adults in this community, for not giving you the schools you deserve.

Jennifer Brooks

Los Altos

Time to embrace LASD, BCS agreement

We appreciate and thank the Los Altos School District and Bullis Charter School boards and the mediator for their diligent and thoughtful work in arriving at a solution for the public school children of our community.

It was a difficult process with hard decisions and compromises made by all. As individuals, we do not all agree this is the optimal agreement, but we trust the process. It’s time. Let’s embrace it.

There are vocal opponents urging that the compromise be rejected. Many of those speaking against the agreement appear to underestimate the complexity as well as the legal, financial and practical realities of the situation. As neighbors and parents, we must rise above our fear of change and break this impasse by supporting this reasonable agreement benefiting our entire community.

We ask both boards to go beyond the school-based forums and hear from the broader community; we believe if facts were understood, a majority of Los Altos School District voters would support this agreement. Let’s move forward.

Los Altos Women’s Caucus members Marge Bruno, Duanni Hurd, Sally Meadows, Susan Mensinger, Debby Meredith, Cindy Murphy, Jane Reed, Vicki Reeder and Marie Young

Savant Care fell prey to award scam

Regarding the Town Crier article “Local psychiatrist claims bogus city award on employer website” (April 3):

I have been victimized by a phony award company that I recently learned regularly scams businesses into purchasing award placards. I am a graduate of Cornell University, the UC San Diego School of Medicine and the Stanford Adult Psychiatry residency program and have never felt the need to make a bogus claim to boost my reputation.

In 2014, I helped start a psychiatric practice called Savant Care. The following year I received an email which I (erroneously) assumed was from the city of Los Altos saying I had won “Best of Los Altos, Psychiatrist.” The award website and press release appeared professional and listed a number of other legitimate companies in different categories that had won a similar award.

So without further investigation, Savant Care purchased a placard and listed it along with my other accomplishments on our clinic’s website. The following years, I received the same award email and press release, but Savant Care declined to purchase placards. Neither I nor Savant Care solicited these awards. If our company had known these awards were a scam, we would have never named them on our website or wasted money on a placard, because a scam award can only tarnish our reputation.

An internet search has brought up websites warning about scam award services that match the exact emails and placards we received.

Town Crier reporter Melissa Hartman reached out to us about these awards and our company responded by email the same day. However, the Town Crier claims they never received our response.

Unfortunately, this miscommunication has resulted in this damaging article that has caused me undue stress.

Sonia Parikh

Redondo Beach

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