Letters to the Editor - Week of April 17

Bullis Charter School: Why no outrage?

Outrage abounds. Many are asking why the Los Altos School District camp would negotiate a deal that seemingly surrenders a “jewel” to Bullis Charter School when the charter school apparently gives up nothing.

Let me tell you why I am celebrating. This deal is a long time in the making. As a Bullis Charter School parent, I am excited to consolidate our program onto one site. We will no longer spend time negotiating the use of a gym, field or lab, and all of us can go back to supporting our students in their classrooms. No more Proposition 39, threats of lawsuits or brutal neighbor-to-neighbor conflict.

As a taxpayer, I delight at the thought of ending concerns over the “BCS impact” on the district, including the financial destabilization and/or declining enrollment. And I pray the morning commute around Egan Junior High will become more easily managed without two programs collocated. So yes, like me, few at Bullis Charter School are complaining. We have waited this long and will sit patiently knowing the end is in sight.

Haters who want Bullis Charter School to disappear, I feel you, but here is the deal. Families are voting with their feet. Currently 20 percent of the district is attending the charter school program. Is it for everyone? No, but we as parents and taxpayers have a choice between two amazing programs.

My personal outrage? It has been a long, slow burn as I have watched our two programs fight, lawyer up, fight some more for 15-plus years and still end up with subpar facilities for all of the public school kids. I find it incredible that one of the wealthiest places on the planet has students eating lunch at picnic tables along San Antonio Road screaming to be heard over the traffic. I am outraged that Bullis Charter School has no library or study hall available. All the while, plenty of district schools need repairs and upgrades to find parity with each other.

Imagine what we could have produced with the time and money we have poured into this fight. It simply has to stop. The mediation teams worked hard to find one solution that both sides could agree to. I urge everyone to get behind it and let’s focus on moving forward. Finally.

Courtenay C. Corrigan

Los Altos Hills

Agreement represents true compromise

Over the last decade, I’ve learned that we all want peace as a community. We want a permanent resolution to facilities. We want all public school children to have access to an excellent education. We parents are all neighbors, coaches, troop leaders and taxpayers. Our kids are friends.

As we go through this period of understanding, discussion and decision making: Be respectful. Be kind. Our kids are watching and listening. You can object respectfully. Please realize that classmates, troopmates and teammates live in Mountain View and have crossed El Camino Real for more than a decade.

The proposed agreement is not perfect. Neither side got everything they wanted, that’s why it’s a true compromise.

As an advocate of the district repurposing existing land in a more optimal way, I too reluctantly support signing the agreement as the best compromise we can hope for. We all need stability and peace. Let’s move on and focus on educational opportunities and what’s best for all public school kids.

Jill Jene

10th Site Task Force member

Los Altos

Thanks for heartfelt response to climate action

Re the “Other Voices” column “Students’ strike for climate change inspires hope” (March 27):

Many thanks to Jennifer Mitchell for her eloquent and heartfelt response to the Los Altos High School students marching for climate action. “Disappointment. Bubble. Apathy. Hope.” Indeed.

But let’s be clear. Our children are not saying, “We will lead the way out of the climate challenge.” They are asking us to lead. Demanding, even. Because by the time our kids are of age to wield any commercial, social or political influence, it will be very, very late.

As parents, we owe it to this generation to take action. One simple way to do this is to express support for H.R. 763, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Designed to reduce carbon emissions 40 percent in 12 years, it is revenue neutral and is expected to create over 2.1 million jobs. A bipartisan bill, it is sponsored by Bay Area Reps. Barbara Lee, Mark DeSaulnier, Jackie Speier and Anna Eshoo.

There’s no hope without action. There’s no action without leadership. Our kids marched – now it’s our turn to step up.

Christi Opitz

Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteer

Mountain View

Resident offers plaudits to police officers

My elderly husband was walking home from the dentist when he stumbled and fell. Some good soul called 911, I assume.

Two police officers came and took him to the El Camino Hospital emergency room. They patched him up and someone brought him home.

As you see, I don’t know the whole story, but my appreciation to those involved.

Betty Liddicoat

Los Altos

New solutions needed for Main Street U-turns

The new stop signs on Main Street in downtown Los Altos have been a good idea. However, the central double yellow lines continue to be violated by illegal U-turns, as motorists rush for parking spaces. I’ve even observed cars turning around the mid-street signs highlighting the penalty. Our Los Altos Police Department does its best, but officers can’t be everywhere.

I suggest this approach: What if the Town Crier asks readers to submit ideas to help solve this ongoing hazard? Prizes, such as gift certificates for Main Street stores, could be awarded for the most effective, workable and imaginative proposed solutions, as judged by the editor and the police chief. And as a bonus, publicizing the problem and the contest would, hopefully, remind everyone of the “No U-Turn” rule and make our downtown safer.

Michael Rappaport

Los Altos

LASD can help solve bike path problem

I am writing to share my thoughts about the Miramonte bike path, which was recently written about in an “Other Voices” column for the Town Crier by Jerry Clements (“Miramonte bike path: No change,” March 6).

I have experienced this firsthand from biking on Miramonte and Oak avenues. As of now, Los Altos School District elementary schools are using their money to build solar panels and install electric charging stations.

I am confident that the school district can do something about this. All in all, I believe that schools can greatly contribute to the ongoing problem of bike lanes in Los Altos.

Nolan Pham

Los Altos

LA shirking obligation for storm drainage

Implementing the proposed plan to collect a storm drainage fee per parcel in the city of Los Altos is both premature and destined to failure of purpose as long as roadside dirt shoulders are allowed to exist throughout the city.

Those dirt shoulders are the primary cause of muddy storm drainage and, worse, form stagnant puddles commonly contaminated by such runoffs as asphalt oil and excess fertilizer and pesticides.

Those dirt shoulders are always hazardous to traffic and are dangerous during storm conditions to pedestrians who are forced to walk along the roadways to avoid stepping into muddy puddles of unknown depth.

The city has not made any significant progress installing curbs and paving over those dirt shoulders since its incorporation well over a half-century ago.

Nor has there been an iota of details presented about how storm drainage will be kept clean under these existing street conditions by collecting fees per parcel throughout the city.

It should not now be permitted to collect fees for clean storm drainage while fantasizing about its “rural environment” and shirking its obligation to clean up its dirt-bound, unsightly and hazardous municipal streets.

Albert Smith

Los Altos

Liberal espouses facts and fairness

I must reply to the letter of April 3 from William Moniz, “Liberals to blame for rash of burglaries.”

Yes, I was burglarized. Yes, I am a liberal and have written many liberal-leaning letters.

No, I do not agree with allowing convicted criminals out of jail and free to threaten us.

I believe in sanctuary for honest, law-abiding people regardless of who they are and where they come from. I believe convicted felons should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

Assuming that I and other liberals adhere to a policy of releasing criminals is nonsense. In fact, I believe in capital punishment for felons who commit heinous crimes.

Just like conservatives, liberals can have views on specific issues that may run counter to their “label.” I believe that every issue should be examined objectively and logically, and my opinions and conclusions are based on facts, fairness and an open mind.

Myra Orta

Los Altos

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