Letters to the Editor - Week of April 10

LASD scores an ‘A’ for 10th-site plan

Following is an open letter to the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees.

As a parent whose child just completed eight years in the Los Altos School District, including two years at Egan Junior High School, I applaud your decision to site Egan at the new 10th site in the north of El Camino Real area.

Egan will have a brand-new, beautiful campus in a central location, and the district has taken the best route to heal the deep wounds of the past 15 years and provide equivalent facilities for the district kids who attend Bullis Charter School (approximately 95 percent of its enrollment). Compromises had to be made on both sides for the benefit of the community.

The district has also taken the initiative to plan for affordable teacher housing at the current Egan site. That is brilliant. It is a great location and will help the district recruit and retain great teachers. I support this effort in every way.

Nancy Bremeau

Los Altos

Caption parks Plymouth in wrong decade

I enjoyed seeing the “Peek into the Past” photo on page 8 of the March 27 Town Crier of a car identical to the one I drove 60 years ago when in the Army.

The picture is of a 1933 or ’34 Plymouth coupe, so it couldn’t have been on Main Street in the ’20s. But I always appreciate seeing your “Peek” picture.

Mark Barchas

Los Altos Hills

Prioritize pedestrians, not optimal car flow

I was almost hit by a car – again.

It happens every weekday morning I walk my dog on the southbound stretch of El Monte Avenue between Covington Road/Giffin Road and Cuesta Drive. Traffic backs up and impatient drivers illegally use the bike lane to get around stopped traffic. Often, I find myself eye to eye with the driver, bumper to dog leash in a standoff. Do I yield to preserve the life of me and my dog, or do I stand in defiance knowing the lane is rightfully mine?

It was decided not to put in a sidewalk for pedestrians along this stretch and, at some time in the future, an additional car lane will be added to optimize for car flow. Studies have proven, and anyone who has used Waze knows, this will just encourage more commuters to use El Monte until it reaches current levels of congestion again.

Since when is it OK to drive in the bike lane? Why are we optimizing for car flow? Where is the safety of our residents on the list of our city’s priorities? What about our environmental priorities encouraging a community of walkers and cyclists?

Recently, I found myself dog leash to bumper again with a car that sped up so fast, I had to jump into someone’s landscaping to avoid getting hit. But this day, I was lucky. The scene was caught by a waiting Los Altos police officer, who pulled over the driver. A big shout-out to that officer who enforced our laws.

But the police can’t be there every morning. City officials, please stop optimizing for cars and get with the times.

Connie Miller

Los Altos

Woman seeks ‘literal dance partner’

Regarding the March 13 article “Looking for love on Nextdoor,” the Town Crier got it wrong. I am, in fact, looking for a dance partner to go to Vienna with me next February.

I was not placing an ad for a life partner on Nextdoor, as the article stated, and the phrase, “It’s not that Gail is looking for a literal dance partner,” is completely the opposite of what I intended to communicate.

I do care about an equal height, weight and age due to the style of the dance. While I live in hope that this dance partner will evolve into a more serious relationship, having a dance partner is my primary objective.

Every great accomplishment I have made started with a clear intention. This particular goal/vision/dream I have will take another human being’s participation. I will not be able to dance at the ball in Vienna unless I have a dance partner. It is not the custom to rotate or share dance partners in Vienna.

Vienna is one of many dance opportunities in which I would like to participate – but it takes a partner. If you’re interested helping me fulfill this dream or are brave enough to go to a dance class with me, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Beginners welcome.

Cheryle Gail

Mountain View

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