Letters to the Editor - Week of March 27

Age of retirement becoming younger

Artie Green wrote an interesting article about retirement at 65 or older (“Why is 65 the national default retirement age?” March 6).

But the California debt related to teachers’ retirement versus contributions indicates that teachers’ retirement ages except for colleges may be significantly lower than 65, although years of employment also may be considered. I believe that police and firefighter retirement ages may be a lot younger.

In addition to high salaries, city and county administrators seem to come and go quite often. On the other hand, many of us return for many years to nearly full-time brown-bag volunteer service at previous U.S. government offices.

Donald Plouff

Los Altos

Act aims to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions

In his letter “Green New Deal is common-sense policy” (Feb. 27), Matthew Mellea exemplifies the passion of many regarding climate change and the need for our nation to take action on this critical issue by means of the Green New Deal.

Mellea states that as a young person, he is terrified about the effect climate change will have on his future “and the world that my children will have to face in 2100 and beyond.”

I agree, climate change is probably the most existential threat of our time and demands action on the part of our elected representatives. Recent media coverage about the Green New Deal has been instrumental in raising awareness about climate change – a critical factor in this fight.

Thankfully, there is a bipartisan climate solution in Congress right now: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763). This legislation collects fees on carbon emissions and allocates the revenue to all Americans to spend any way they choose. It will reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by at least 40 percent in the first 12 years, and 90 percent by 2050. It is effective, good for people and good for the economy.

I encourage Mellea and others to check it out.

Paula Danz

Los Altos

Cuesta-Springer curve poorly planned

While traveling down Cuesta Drive last week, I came to the new autocross course the city has installed at the Springer Road corner. While I waited at the stop sign, a largish city truck came down Springer and turned on Cuesta Drive. As he negotiated the chicane, the back of his truck knocked down the sign in the center of the street.

I’m thinking someone didn’t work out that corner too well.

Diane Brauch

Los Altos Hills

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