Letters to the Editor - Week of March 13

LA should ramp up crime prevention efforts

Los Altos can do better with crime prevention.

South Los Altos is experiencing an epidemic of home burglaries. I consider three in three weeks an epidemic.

We must do something different. Current practices are not deterring the criminals.

We get very little police protection, and the result is brazen break-ins and home burglaries, daytime and nighttime.

If police patrolled the neighborhood streets sporadically and parked patrol cars at odd hours at key places, this would be a deterrent to would-be thieves.

We need a satellite police station at Loyola Corners to service south Los Altos so that we can get faster responses.

Anyone who has been robbed can tell you that you feel violated. Strangers invaded your private space and took precious items from you. You are afraid to leave your home because you might return to find you were a victim.

We can do better and we must do better.

Myra Orta

Los Altos

Keep textbooks accurate to express diversity

In response to the Town Crier’s Feb. 13 article “Los Altos family corrects misconceptions about Hindu-Americans”:

It’s not the first time that a religion has been misinterpreted in a class textbook. But this type of mistake interferes with the diversity that America represents. Although a large portion of Americans identify as Christians, there is a wide variety of religions that also exist in America.

In order to express the diversity that each and every religion offers, we must keep class textbooks accurate and precise. It’s downright embarrassing that these textbooks are used for learning when they are unreliable and incorrect.

Toni Cardoza


God established moral guidelines

Regarding the Rev. Kathi McShane’s column (“Methodist Church conference will determine the fate of LGBTQ inclusion,” Feb. 27):

The original church of Jesus Christ is the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ must remain pure and morally spotless. It cannot be otherwise. Christ’s church is the model of love, truth, faith, hope, peace and the pure doctrine of the Word. The moral guidelines have been established by God the Father. The Word was made flesh, Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem humans.

When any set of people decide to change the church moral code (doctrine) by vote, council decision or clerical mandate to incorporate sinful acts as part of the church function, that places the Bride of Christ as receiving and fostering that sin. Be it polygamy, pedophilia, acts of homosexuality, adultery or any other sin, Christ was the sacrifice to absolve our sins, not for Him or His Bride to become sinful.

Any Christian denomination that takes on sinful, false doctrine can no longer be the true church of Jesus Christ. It has forfeited its purity and authority to baptize or serve the Eucharist emblems.

We humans cannot ethically change Christ’s church to fit or justify our sinful behavior. The Bride of Christ remains pure regardless of human endeavor to corrupt it. Love or human rights must not be an excuse for imposing false doctrine on the Bride. Any excuse fostered by one group can be applied to all.

Who would deliberately spill red wine on a bride’s white dress?

John Stephan

Los Altos

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