Letters to the Editor - Week of March 6

Green New Deal ensures continued existence

Recently a number of young future leaders met with Sen. Dianne Feinstein to urge her to support Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey’s Joint Resolution for a Green New Deal.

Feinstein attempted a head fake, advocating a watered-down bill that would fall far short of what is needed to avoid what scientists overwhelmingly agree is a looming planetary catastrophe.

Given the senator’s long-standing allegiance to her corporate donor base, I was not at all surprised by her statements.

But this exchange did make me realize that the Green New Deal vote is a key marker that will reveal which Democrats are ready to take the bold action required to ensure our planet’s survival, and which Democrats need to be shown the door.

We just need to look around to see things quickly falling apart. Our fellow citizens in poor and disenfranchised communities like Flint, Mich., have long been suffering from fouled water and air. But even those fortunate to live in affluence in the Bay Area won’t be shielded from rolling global disaster. We have seen this just last winter, when smoke from the Camp Fire clouded our skies and choked us.

Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate.

For these reasons, we need to put a stop to regime-change wars and maintenance of the military empire. We need to start supporting legislation like the Green New Deal so that we can ensure our continued existence as a species, as well as deliver economic justice for our fellow citizens who have been getting the shaft for far too long.

Chris Bedford

Mountain View

Pro-choicers are not ‘ax murderers’

I do not know why pro-choice people are labeled “abortionists” as if they were ax murderers. “Pro-choice” means a woman has control of her body and the right to choose what is best.

Everyone I know believes in the right of life. The need for an abortion is a tragedy, and the need for one is best decided by the parents, family, doctor and religious counselor.

My firstborn was born with a severe birth defect. Surgery performed at Stanford Hospital was unsuccessful, and eight painful months later he passed away. I listened to my doctor, family and pastor and later was blessed with the birth of two gifted children. If I had known that my first child would have a birth defect, would I have had an abortion? I do not know, but any decision made would have been with the advice of caring doctors, family and my pastor.

Joan Pampeyan

Los Altos

Keep textbooks accurate to express diversity

In response to the Town Crier’s Feb. 13 article “Los Altos family corrects misconceptions about Hindu-Americans”: It’s not the first time that a religion has been misinterpreted in a class textbook. But this type of mistake interferes with the diversity that America represents. Although a large portion of Americans identify as Christians, there is a wide variety of religions that also exist in America.

In order to express the diversity that each and every religion offers, we must keep class textbooks accurate and precise. It’s downright embarrassing that these textbooks are used for learning when they are unreliable and incorrect.

Toni Cardoza


Give us a break with the new taxes

I read in the Town Crier that the city of Los Altos is asking us to pay a new tax of $1.1 million annually for storm drain work (“Los Altos preparing to ask land owners to pay $1.1 million annually for storm drain work,” Feb. 20).

The city already has $300,000 annually for storm drain work. This year alone the city has $5,421,683 in excess money it has collected from us in taxes. So why are city officials asking for more when they already have the funds?

An increase in taxes will impact seniors living on fixed incomes. It will hurt low-income renters, who will have the taxes passed on to them.

Over the past year the city has raised the garbage rates, enacted a tax rate increase in the form of a hotel tax and raised the water rates. Give us a break!

Roberta Phillips

Los Altos

LAH should focus on fire prevention

I was pleased to read that the city of Los Altos launched the Community & Emergency Preparedness Grant Program, which funded $20,000 for neighborhood grants to encourage emergency preparedness and strengthen neighborhood ties (“Los Altos offers emergency preparedness grants,” Jan. 30). As emergency preparedness coordinator Ann Hepenstal stated, residents should be prepared to help themselves and their neighbors when disaster strikes.

Los Altos Hills residents would benefit from a similar program, especially one focused on fire prevention. My brother is a long-serving firefighter, and I am particularly aware of the fire risk in our community. Since the new year began, there have been two fires in my immediate neighborhood – thankfully, they were expertly contained by the fire department.

I look forward to partnering with J. Logan, general manager for the Los Altos Hills County Fire District, to host fire prevention and evacuation meetings in my community. I understand the fire district plans to include funding for a Neighborhood Grant Program in its 2019-2020 budget, which is wonderful news.

Lastly, I encourage my fellow Los Altos Hills residents to sign up for Community Emergency Response Team training, another way to make our community even safer.

Chase Renzo

Los Altos Hills

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