Letters to the Editor - week of Feb. 13

Developer loophole kills affordable housing

Regarding Taylor Morrison’s 6Sixty project (“Taylor Morrison’s 6Sixty units exceed $1 million,” Jan. 30):

Every day the alarm is sounded for more affordable housing and then this happens. The developer bulldozes 52 units (and eight heritage trees) to build 37 townhomes.

Mountain View, like all cities, requires that 10 percent of the units be below market. Surprise! – there’s a loophole so that the developer merely writes a check for $1.4 million (about the cost of one of the new units), and there is no affordable housing added. In fact the net effect is less housing. Brilliant.

Chris Chaney

Los Altos

Nothing to celebrate about Roe v. Wade

Regarding the Town Crier’s recent coverage showing women, young and old, celebrating the birthday of Roe v. Wade (Jan. 30):

It’s sad to see so many women, many of whom I suspect are mothers, celebrating the loss of 60 million infants since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion in 1973. Sixty million infants who will never see that first birthday, much less 46 birthdays.

Think about it – 60 million human beings lost. Roughly six times as many as those who died in the Nazi concentration camps in Europe. Sixty million is the population of Italy and more than twice the population of Australia.

Now the abortion advocates are calling for abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth, as with New York’s new law and the legalizing of infanticide in Virginia as admitted by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, himself a medical doctor, who explained the procedure in some detail. Thank God that law was voted down by elected officials who saw the law as permission to perform the most barbaric act of infanticide.

I pray we aren’t becoming a nation that has no regard for the most innocent among us. If we are, God help us.

Ken Girdley

Los Altos

License plate readers needed in LAH

Following is an open letter to the Los Altos Hills City Council.

The Los Altos Hills City Council voted unanimously to prioritize public safety at its Feb. 23, 2018, goal-setting workshop. This is a growing concern among residents experiencing a spike in home burglaries. Bravo. Now let’s put those words into action!

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office provides one officer to patrol Los Altos Hills, which is inadequate as either enforcement or deterrence.

The next step, being implemented by many cities in Northern California, is license plate reading cameras. The cameras’ value in preventing crime and identifying criminal actors is well documented.

Some raised privacy concerns. These need to be addressed. Many intersections currently take a photograph of drivers who run red lights. Similarly, law enforcement will only access the reader in response to a criminal event.

Los Altos Hills residents recently received videos of burglars entering a home, along with a request from town staff and the Sheriff’s Office to identify the burglars. This is useless. Having a video record of the license plate would have gone a long way to identify these bad actors. Sausalito police recently apprehended carjackers using license plate readers. In Carlsbad, 63 arrests were effectuated after the installation of license plate readers.

Many residents, including members of the Los Altos Hills City Council, have raised concerns about the burglaries and want to have a safe town. As other towns move forward with this (Portola Valley and Larkspur), we become more of a target. What are you doing to keep us safe?

Andy Stern

Los Altos Hills

Los Altos should provide better disabled parking

Our own U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston of Los Altos Hills was one of the people who sponsored the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act, and was proud of the sidewalk slopes in Los Altos mandated by the ADA.

A wheelchair-riding friend once explained that those of us walking around should be called the “temporarily-abled.” If you think about it, as babies we are carried or pushed in strollers, and as injured or aged we use wheelchairs.

If you are in a wheelchair, finding an accessible bathroom can be very difficult, and finding an accessible restaurant or theater or hotel is also a challenge.

The U.S. ADA laws and California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act exist to protect vulnerable people, and deserve the support of all of us, including the city of Los Altos.

The city should pay attention to maintaining adequate varieties of disabled parking spaces, even if someone decides to have a city event which usurps the disabled parking spaces for port-a-potties and generators.

Marjorie Rauch

Los Altos

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