Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 23

Progressive agenda causes friction

Regarding Paul Boetius’ “Other Voices” column on accessory dwelling units (“City’s accessory dwelling unit claims contradict facts,” Jan. 9), I would like our city council members to individually respond to the charges made by Mr. Boetius as to the veracity of his statements and why, if he is correct, Los Altos is making code and ordinance changes that were falsely presented to the citizens as factual – changes that most people don’t either know about or want.

It seems to me there is friction between some of the city management staff and our city council members, whereby the city employees either have their own agenda to change our character, don’t understand our city, don’t understand the law or just plain don’t like the fact that housing prices may not allow them to live here. I don’t know where their loyalty lies, but it would be wise if our city council objectively looked at the people in key positions and figure out what is going on.

The city founders and the people who subsequently moved here wanted a special place to live – one that represents the best of a country atmosphere, a special place without sidewalks or street lights, large lots and wide streets and small downtown center – the feeling they were away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby cities. I can already hear the progressives reading this lighting up in self-righteous indignity and ready to say “That is a selfish attitude,” “What about affordable housing?” “The poor people can’t afford to live here,” etc., etc. Get over it, not everyone agrees with you!

For too long, the city has been influenced by realtors and developers, outside influences that want to change our city’s character, and an influx of people who really don’t care about what Los Altos has represented, and still does – a unique oasis in a sea of larger cities filled with condos and apartments, traffic and crime. We moved here to live in this type of environment and don’t want it to be destroyed by the progressive agenda of making us all live as they say.

William F. Moniz

Los Altos

Stop-sign project offers ‘little or no value’

The Town Crier article “Conflicting operations brought to light” (Jan. 9) highlights the ongoing issue of city staff work operating at odds with the best interests of residents.

Clearly the flashing stop-sign project was not initiated by residents, is not wanted by residents and was not driven by any compelling issue (“Traffic Calming Plan classified the intersection as the lowest priority with zero collisions”).

The last thing residents need are projects that offer little or no value, and negatively impact quality of life.

After reading the article, I had only one question: How do we go about replacing Chris Jordan with a city manager who is actually interested in serving the residents of this community?

Roger Heyder

Los Altos

Man’s death spotlights lack of local housing

It is tragic that a young man working in our city died sleeping in his car between jobs.

The lack of affordable housing is a crisis in the Bay Area, whether or not it contributed to his death. Thank you for making that point clear in your Jan. 9 editorial (“Death highlights housing woes”).

Randy Tsuda, CEO of Palo Alto Housing, and Mitali Ganguly, project manager with Opticos Design, will present examples of developments and design that might work in our town during the discussion “What’s Next? Affordable Housing – Ideas for Los Altos,” scheduled 7-8:30 p.m. Jan. 31 at the Los Altos main library, 13 S. San Antonio Road. This discussion could be the impetus to find solutions to this problem. It can be done.

Donna Poulos

Los Altos

Where have all the artistic men gone?

I have met a number of senior men who are wonderfully talented artists and craftsmen, but I was surprised to see none in the photo published in the Town Crier’s article titled “Venturing into art” (Senior Lifestyles, Jan. 16). Hmm ...

Lina Broydo

Los Altos Hills

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