Letters to the Editor - Week of Jan. 2

Comments deemed ‘demeaning’

In my long career in human resources management, I observed that successful companies had many common core values. One of these was how employees and managers should communicate with each other.

The phrase “praise in public, admonish in private” describes one of these values.

The Dec. 12 Town Crier article on our new city council reported that Councilwoman Jeannie Bruins made comments about another council member which I feel were demeaning, unprofessional and very inappropriate (“New Los Altos City Council addresses old divisions at swearing-in ceremony”).

Perhaps Ms. Bruins would benefit from a “refresher course” in good interpersonal communication skills so that our new council can work together more successfully.

Jim Jolly

Los Altos

BCS operates at taxpayers’ expense

Thank you for publishing Sara Kopit-Olson’s call to Bullis Charter School to work with local school districts (“BCS should not pursue own plans for Mtn. View School,” Dec. 12).

As a parent to two kids who went through the Los Altos School District and the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District, my husband and I love that the public school system benefits all classes of people.

We also know that many of our very affluent friends take advantage of Bullis Charter School’s very elite approach at taxpayers’ expense – a politically charged topic that we do not bring up at any of our gatherings.

Please expose Bullis Charter School to the public so that we can all judge if it is truly beneficial to the community. I believe the school’s current practice does not support that.

Jan Foo

Los Altos

LA police officers show care, compassion

We should all be thankful for our local police force.

My wife recently passed away in the middle of the night. After my call to 911, three members of our local police force arrived within minutes. They tried to revive her, but it was too late.

Two of the officers helped me contact family members, and one stayed with me for several hours. Two weeks later, they came to my home to see how I was doing.

We are indeed fortunate to have such caring and compassionate members at our Los Altos Police Department. They are truly exemplary examples of the highest ideals of public service.

Roy Presley

Los Altos

Which witch are we hunting?

If Benedict Arnold had died from his injuries in the battles of Saratoga in 1777, I predict he would have gone down as one of the greatest patriots in the formation of our nation. Right up there with Gen. George Washington (see footnote below).

Unfortunately, his self-centered desires for fame and fortune chartered a much different course for him in the annals of history. Sound familiar to a current leader?

In full disclosure, I am a proud “Declined to State” party member, so my opinion is not the left attacking the right. It is an American who is very concerned and disappointed with both parties.

Unbelievably, our current president exhibits many similar characteristics of Benedict Arnold. I am really disappointed in our “Putin Republicans,” who choose to ignore the findings of our intelligence agencies and rely on the president’s personal view that it is only a “witch hunt”!

Which witch are we hunting? The Benedict Arnold/Donald Trump witch or those outside forces wanting to destroy our form of democracy? Follow the money and we will see which witch it is.

Footnote: My parallels to Benedict Arnold were based on the book “The Notorious Benedict Arnold” by Steve Sheinkin. Washington relied on him heavily in many wartime situations and wanted to elevate him to second only to him in command.

The British paid Arnold the equivalent of more than $1 million in net present dollars for his efforts. He would have gotten more if his plan worked to kidnap Washington and help with a British victory.

Washington was the most surprised by Arnold’s treasonous acts. He wanted to hang him, but the British spirited him to England, where he died of natural causes in London in 1801.

John Swan

Los Altos Hills

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