Letters to the Editor - Week of Dec. 12

Follow mail policies to the letter

In response to the Nov. 28 Town Crier article “Los Altos resident fights to ensure carriers don’t violate federal law,” about a resident’s fight to compel the U.S. Postal Service to deliver his mail when his mailbox is blocked by neighbors’ construction vehicles:

While in graduate school, I worked every part-time job in the post office. We also had to return residents’ outbound mail to the post office before 5 p.m. to get overnight delivery. If necessary, we were required to run between routes and ensure overnight delivery.

What is our post office policy on this?

Joe Kaspar

Los Altos

Explain policy on blocked mailboxes

I read in the Town Crier of the plight of a resident whose curb-side mailbox was blocked by a legally parked auto. His mail was not delivered.

I too have experienced the same. The driver did not exit his truck to deliver the mail, some of which was time sensitive.

What is the policy of the U.S. Postal Service mail delivery of a blocked mail box?

Charles “Chuck” Baker

Los Altos

Generous residents aid Camp Fire victims

I want to personally thank the South Los Altos Nextdoor and Highlands groups for contributing more than $6,000 in gift cards in eight days to benefit the Camp Fire victims.

I also want to thank Curves of Los Altos, which participated by raising $1,500 in three days.

I am proud to be a member of this generous community. All cards were sent to the Paradise Rotary Club for direct distribution.

Joanna Medin

Los Altos

Three lies and you’re out?

What if instead of “three strikes and you’re out,” we had a law that said it’s illegal to lie? Three lies and you’re out?

But since the lie is so prevalent in our present politics, we might soften the three strikes criteria somewhat.

What if the first two lies are misdemeanors with escalating fines, and the third is a felony. Three felonies would mean you’re at risk of lifetime imprisonment.

Ed Kyser

Los Altos

Parade spectators should follow rules

After reading the article last month in the Town Crier about “setup” rules for reserving spots at the Festival of Lights Parade, I arrived exactly at noon on parade day to discover all curbside spots were reserved, and many with chalk (the article specifically stated no chalk and not to reserve before noon!).

I spoke with a police officer who had been watching all the offending parties since early that morning. I wondered why this flagrant disregard for rules was being allowed, and he told me that the police do not have the authority to do anything about this, since in years past they had tried, but public outcry was massive.

Well, I am just appalled at this total disregard of rules! What’s the point of telling us rules when people are allowed to do as they please? Furthermore, people are reserving huge spots and using chalk.

As much as I love this parade and enjoy sharing the evening with my grandchildren, I think it’s time for the community to agree on reasonable ways to reserve spots that will be enforced. Maybe it’s time to let the public know that if the rules aren’t followed, the parade will be canceled the following year! Nothing like putting one in the spirit of Grinch when you follow the rules and get rewarded by not being able to find even a little spot for your grandchildren.

If you are as disappointed and upset as I, please write all your city council members and tell them, “Enough is enough.” That is the only way things will change!

Terri Sachs

Los Altos

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