Letters to the Editor - Week of Dec. 5

Inaccurate coverage doomed Measure C

I was very surprised to see the Los Altos Town Crier call the race for the citizens’ initiative Measure C before the Registrar of Voters office had even counted half the ballots. Making that call weeks before all the votes were in seemed contrary to the best journalistic practices. The less-than-balanced front-page story seemed to serve the paper’s editorial position opposing Measure C.

The Nov. 14 front-page article was full of errors. Measure C would not have required every land-use change to go before voters. In fact, voter approval would only have been required if the city planned to change access on city-owned land from public use to private.

All through the campaign, the Town Crier was loathe to make clear this “public use to private” distinction. Reporting that unnamed legal pundits were “wondering” whether Measure C impacted churches was total bunk. Measure C only had legal jurisdiction over land owned by the city of Los Altos.

More than 7,000 residents voted to approve Measure C in spite of the extensive smear campaign waged against it. The newspaper’s unfair and inaccurate reporting of public versus private land-use issues over the past seven months may give those same voters – who are also consumers of the products and services advertised in your pages – reasons to question everything they read in your paper.

In the future, I hope you will shine the light on city actions that could jeopardize the public’s access to the playing fields at Hillview, our Civic Center Apricot Orchard (a City Historic Landmark) and our beautiful, practical and extremely valuable shaded public parking plazas. These public spaces will continue to be threatened by private interests who hope to exploit them.

Michael Ellerin

Los Altos

Time to heal divisions created by Measure C

On behalf of the No on Measure C campaign, thank you to all Los Altos voters who took the time to understand the measure, and special thanks to those who voted “no.” Unfortunately, the debate over this measure has created divisions in our community that we must now work to overcome.

Fortunately, we start from common ground: We all treasure our parks and open space and want to preserve them, as the current city council recognized in approving an amendment to the general plan and accompanying ordinance requiring voter approval to sell these assets.

Those of us on the “no” side believe that Measure C went too far. However, we understand that supporters acted from deeply felt concerns about development and trust in local government. We pledge to listen respectfully, to debate civilly, to work diligently to find additional areas of common ground – and to support our city staff and new city council in doing the same.

Robin Abrams, Kim Cranston, Dennis Young and Marie Young

Steering Committee

Los Altos Community Voices,

No on Measure C

Measure C results a win-win for residents

For you many Measure C supporters – be of good cheer!

Measure C was needed primarily because the current city council was too out of control. With Mayor Jean Mordo as the key catalyst, the small-town atmosphere and protection of our properties were in jeopardy.

While Measure C failed, it demonstrated a strong groundswell of support and focused the election on its goals. I personally believe that replacing Mordo with the newly elected Anita Enander is a better solution than Measure C itself. Almost everyone wins. For the many honest opponents of Measure C who wanted to preserve representative government, they got that. For the many proponents of Measure C who wanted to slow down development and protect our town, they got that. (Although they still have to be vigilant – that troublesome aspect of democracy!).

The only real losers are a small set of opponents of Measure C who want an aggressive redevelopment of our downtown, particularly Kim Cranston, a downtown landlord with a financial conflict of interest. They lost Mordo, who initiated and led many of those efforts. For them, the election results may be like winning the battle but losing the war.

I personally am very happy with the results, and for the many disappointed supporters of Measure C, thank you for your efforts, the end results were very favorable, and be of good cheer!

Ron Packard

Los Altos

Hit-and-run driver can make amends

My experience at the Festival of Lights Parade was marred by someone hitting my parked car’s door and taking off, making the door unusable.

This occurred on Hampton Court, near First Street and Edith Avenue.

My car is a blue BMW Z3. Fortunately, I have a witness and a surveillance video.

I would like to give the driver a chance to make amends before I involve the police and the potential for felony hit-and-run charges.

The driver needs to email me immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tex Texin

Los Altos

LAH council flouts town’s process rules

What went wrong at the Los Altos Hills City Council meeting Nov. 15? These are my thoughts on the decision to remove two pathways from consideration on the pathway map update.

Councilwoman Courtenay C. Corrigan once again flouted processes that (should) govern the town. She made a proposal to skip the Planning Commission review meeting for a general plan amendment (which is what the map update is).

First, council members declared that they would consider each path separately. But without discussion, Mayor John Radford combined the two discussions and allowed one resolution to be voted upon.

Second, by skipping the Planning Commission review, they did not allow any pathway presentation to be made and cut off the discussion of an alternate path, which the residents near Voorhees Drive were said to support.

Third, if one wants the town processes to be followed and the Planning Commission to have time to vote, then the council should not vote for a resolution that the Planning Commission did not have a chance to look at. (Planning Commissioners, do you feel dismissed and unappreciated yet again?)

I understand that the council makes the decisions for the town, and I am not even saying that the decision they reached was completely incorrect.

I am protesting the way they allowed (in my opinion) the anti-path council member to bully them into making the decisions outside of the town rules.

Is it time to mount a recall for a council member who does not believe that our town laws and values matter?

Eileen Gibbons

Los Altos Hills

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