Letters to the Editor - Week of Nov. 21

Beth Am event headline soft-pedals terrorism

I’d like to know why the Town Crier chose these words for the Nov. 7 article, “Beth Am shows support in aftermath of tragedy,” as opposed to “Beth Am shows support in aftermath of murder” or even more accurate “Beth Am shows support in aftermath of terrorist attack” or even “white nationalist terror attack”?

Cancer is a tragedy. Car accidents are tragedies. This was murder and this is soft-pedaling terrorism.

Dan Schaeffer

(No address given)

Measure C sends democratic message

It looks like Measure C has failed, but what is the message?

I walked my neighborhood canvassing for the No on C team and heard from residents on both sides. Opponents felt it was complicated and unnecessary and we should just let the Los Altos City Council do its job.

Supporters said we don’t trust the council and we want to make these important land-use decisions ourselves.

Even on the last weekend before the election, I found that many voters were still undecided, but the vote appears to show we ultimately agreed to support representative democracy.

The message to support representative democracy also came from the League of Women Voters in this campaign. The League has been speaking out in support of democracy for almost a century.

Regardless of the final outcome of Measure C, it’s time now to move beyond our pre-election positions and work with the city council on important community decisions, taking into consideration the stakeholders of today and tomorrow. Easier said than done, but no one ever said democracy was easy.

Gary Hedden

Los Altos

City should lease Costume Bank space

With the Assistance League of Los Altos closing the Costume Bank on State Street at the end of the year and the city planning to demolish the community center in early 2019, I have an idea.

Why couldn’t the city take a two-year lease on the Costume Bank building and use it to provide needed meeting rooms and event space for Recreation Department programs until the new community center is available for use?

The building could be used for that purpose without any modifications, the uses would be consistent with the Assistance League’s charter and the community would benefit from having at least some event and meeting space downtown during the next two years.

Gary Anderson

Los Altos

Los Altos Vault gives thanks

This being the season of thanks, the Los Altos Vault & Safe Deposit Co. would like to extend our gratitude to the Los Altos Town Crier and specifically their former staff writer, Grace Hase.

Eight months ago, we came within two weeks of having to close our business. Negotiations on a new lease were stalled. An article in the Town Crier in March written by Ms. Hase brought to light our plight of imminently closing to the general public and our sincere desire to remain in business.

We would also like to thank all of our worldwide clientele who phoned, emailed or wrote the Town Crier expressing their appreciation of the services we offer and their frustration if we were forced to close. It is rewarding to know how valued our services are.

Finally, we would like to thank Anne Wojcicki and her Los Altos Community Investments for extending our lease an additional two years with The Vault’s option for an additional two years. We wish to publicly thank Robert Hindman, LACI managing director, for conducting the negotiations in good faith and in a professional manner. We appreciate the relationship that has developed between our company and Los Altos Community Investments and look forward to the years ahead with mutual cooperation.

In closing, most of all we give thanks for being a proud and contributing member of the vibrant Los Altos community. We wish one and all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris R. Lampe

Los Altos Vault & Safe Deposit Co.

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