Election 2018 – Paid Political Endorsement Letters: Week of Oct. 24

Fung: Honest, dedicated, qualified

I am writing to support the re-election of Dr. Peter C. Fung, chairman of the El Camino Healthcare District, the only incumbent on the Nov. 6 ballot.

I have known Dr. Fung since his election in November 2014. Dr. Fung’s experience as chairman makes his re-election mandatory.

He will continue to bring the much-needed complex knowledge of the hospital, its policies, budget process and the historical advantage of his previous four years of service to the board. Also, he knows the executive team, and members of the medical and administrative staff. As a physician and vascular neurologist for over 40 years, he knows our diverse community and its patients that he will continue to serve. This knowledge gives him the depth and breadth of the hospital necessary to hold the office of director.

It is vital that we re-elect Dr. Fung – an honest, dedicated, qualified and proven candidate.

Julia Miller

El Camino Healthcare District vice chair,

El Camino Hospital Board secretary/treasurer,

former mayor of Sunnyvale

Liu: Collaborative, open-minded leader

The two challenging issues facing the Los Altos School District are the 10th school site and the Bullis Charter School contract. Electing incumbents to the district board is no better than living in the past. The past was full of acrimony and controversies. If a Bullis Charter School parent wouldn’t make fair decisions for the district, then how can a board with incumbents make any sensible and credible decisions related to Bullis Charter School issues?

Pit Bullis Charter School against the district, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen again.

Ying Liu, a successful corporate executive and Bullis Charter School parent, has the know-how, skills and is an open-minded leader advocating collaboration in decision making. She cares about the interests of all kids and schools and wants to spend your parcel fees wisely for the 10th school site.

For a bright future for our kids in the district, I will vote Ying and so shall you.

James Chai

Los Altos

Enander: Expert on city issues

The choice for Los Altos City Council is easy for me. Anita Enander understands our town and will work for residents.

As a member of the Downtown Buildings Committee, she helped reduce the maximum heights on First Street. Anita has also advised neighborhood groups when their concerns were being ignored by the city council.

Anita knows how to manage growth to protect our neighborhoods and support our businesses. She was a successful small-business owner with public, corporate and international clients.

No one will be better at getting the facts and ideas from many people and helping to forge a consensus.

She also served on the Planning Commission. Anyone who watched her in debates or candidate forums was impressed by her expertise on city issues. Anita has no allegiance to any special interest. She will represent us, the residents.

That is why Anita Enander will get my vote.

Carlos Shaw

Los Altos

Bremeau: Informed, engaged, knowledgeable

I’ve known Nancy Bremeau since my older daughter and her son were in grade school together. I’ve always been impressed with how much Nancy cares about our community.

I’ve seen Nancy commit herself to our children and schools, and watched her as she led our local Cub Scout pack for years. I’ve seen her hard work and persistence pay off as she worked on safe routes to school and traffic calming. I’ve followed her dedication to our parks and community amenities, including activities for our kids and teenagers.

I’ve learned a lot about our downtown business environment and its challenges through Nancy’s work, and I’m excited about the possibilities coming out of our community-based Downtown Vision process. I trust her because she’s informed, engaged, knowledgeable, and she works on issues that are important to all of us. She will prioritize the collaboration with other council members to maintain and improve our beautiful neighborhoods and bring vibrancy to our downtown.

Most of all, I know Nancy will work hard for all of the constituents of this wonderful community.

Tina Knauss

Los Altos Hills

Bremeau: Listens to teens to better community

Nancy Bremeau is committed to creating an engaging environment for youth and teens. If the town takes care of its teens, they are more likely to stay within the community, preserving the true Los Altos ethos for genera- tions.

As a teenager, I find her dedication to teens refreshing. Rarely do candidates acknowledge the importance of youth in a community – Nancy has shown a unique ability to listen to teens in order to better our community as a whole.

The current (and mostly unused) “teen” center is in the basement of the Garden House at Shoup Park. My peers and I have never felt enticed to visit. Called The Underground, it is difficult to reach, dark and cramped.

Nancy has led the effort to institute a teen center within the new community center at Hillview. Not only would it be easily accessible, but it also provides a location for the youth to call their own, forming a community space for all young Los Altans.

If I could vote, I would vote for Nancy Bremeau for making Los Altos a more welcoming place for everyone in our community, even teenagers.

Sanjana Mishra

Los Altos High School


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