Election 2018: Paid Political Endorsement Letters - Week of Oct. 17

Bremeau: Dedication to community

Dear fellow Los Altans,

Over the last few years we’ve been impressed with Nancy Bremeau’s dedication to our community.

We’ve seen her efforts related to parks, traffic, safe-routes-to-school, youth and more. We’ve watched her work on projects that range from a new performing arts theater to a nature center. We know that her number one concern is doing what’s right for the community overall.

One of the areas we’ve been particularly interested in is watching her work with the business community. She has taken a great interest in seeing our local restaurants and businesses not only survive, but thrive. We believe there are many things that our city can do to facilitate a more vibrant downtown and expand those ideas to our neighborhood business districts, and at the same time, enhancing the charm and character of our city.

What’s needed are smart, thoughtful and well-designed improvements, not large, unattractive buildings. We also need smart, thoughtful and committed council members. Nancy has a deep understanding of the kind of smart improvements that will move Los Altos forward. With a deep commitment to preserving our residential neighborhoods.

Please join us in voting for Nancy Bremeau.

Russ Bartlett and

Mary Clark Bartlett

Los Altos

Bremeau: Commitment to youth, teens

Dear fellow Los Altans,

Nancy Bremeau and I have been friends since our boys were at Gardner Bullis together. When I first met her, I was struck by how involved she was with our school, our kids and our greater community. She has a genuine interest in everyone and everything in our community and, in particular, our youth and teens.

Last year I watched as my son and his friends became involved in the process of convincing our city council to include a new teen center at the new community center. Nancy has instilled an interest in many of our teens to become involved in civic engagement, social awareness and our democratic process. Through their efforts, I’m proud to say, a new teen center is in the final design stages.

With endorsements by all five Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District trustees, it’s evident that Nancy’s efforts with our youth are both recognized and appreciated.

As a mother of two boys, I am confident that Nancy is the best candidate for Los Altos City Council. She is thoughtful, respectful and has a deep commitment to our city and its residents.

Please join me in voting for Nancy Bremeau for city council.

Seema Mehta

Los Altos

Liu: Prepared, smart and thoughtful

I value the citizens of Los Altos who appreciate we are stronger for our differences and multiple opinions.

Ying Liu is a wife, mother of two children, and Los Altos School District Board of Trustees candidate.

Like so many of us, she brings to our community her dreams of making our schools ever stronger and better.

As an LASD candidate, Ying has done her homework, the only candidate publicly requesting a thorough analysis to determine the necessity and feasibility of a 10th school site.

She has met with hundreds of parents and community members and read over 1,000 pages of supporting documents.

Most importantly, Ying is willing to explore creative alternatives to the current proposals.

Ying is thoughtful, smart and could hold her own on any board. As she has proven throughout her successful professional life, she refuses to let “insurmountable barriers” stop her.

Ying’s goal is to guide LASD to make fair, fiscally sound decisions for the future of our public schools and all our children. You have three votes for the LASD Board. There are two incumbents and two high-achieving women.

Ying Liu has my vote, and I strongly recommend that you give her your vote as well!

Jane Reed

Los Altos

Liu: A change for the better

The Los Altos School District needs fresh air and new leadership, especially since the current leadership is struggling to find a path forward.

We are in the last nine months of a five-year truce between LASD and Bullis Charter School. Five years is a long period, supposed to be more than sufficient for the LASD board to solve the long-standing issue.

Depressingly, 51 months later, $150 million is maybe only worth $100 million in today’s purchasing power, and progress cannot be found anywhere.

I blame both the LASD board and the Bullis board for the impasse. But as elected public office holders, the LASD board must be held ultimately accountable to us, voters and taxpayers.

Ying Liu is a grassroots candidate. She is well-educated, professionally skillful and down to earth. Most importantly, she sincerely and passionately wants to solve a long-lasting problem and make permanent peace in our otherwise excellent school district.

Elect Ying not just for a change, but a change for the better.

John Radford

Los Altos Hills

Ting: Collaborative problem-solver

George Ting is the right person for El Camino Healthcare District.

Dr. Ting has long been identified as one of the top physicians at El Camino Hospital and has held virtually every leadership position at the hospital.

He is sought after by colleagues and hospital administrators alike to solve tough problems in a thoughtful and collaborative way.

I have known George for over 30 years and know him to be highly intelligent and having the highest integrity.

As a member of the Sequoia Healthcare Board and a physician, I can attest to the value he would bring to the community.

Jerry Shefren, M.D.

(No address given)



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