Letters to the Editor: week of Oct. 3

Seek out facts on Measure C

Why is it that the “Yes on Measure C” supporters insist they are right and everyone else is wrong?

If their position is “truth,” why do the League of Women Voters, Los Altos School District, League of Conservation Voters, American Association of University Women, Los Altos Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, Los Altos Village Association, County Assessor and many, many knowledgeable citizens of Los Altos say “no” on Measure C is the correct vote?

There is no endorsement list on the “Yes on C” website. Ask yourself why. Don’t be misled by those who oppose any progress. Get the facts for yourself. Protect Los Altos values. Visit NoCforLosAltos.org. Vote “no” on Measure C.

Dennis Young

Los Altos

Council ordinance a ‘sleight-of hand’

The Los Altos City Council is clearly nervous about popular support for Measure C, which will protect our precious – and limited – public land. On Sept. 25, the council passed an ordinance that protects just a few parcels of public land, in the hope residents will fall for this sleight-of-hand.

The new ordinance does not protect the soccer field, the baseball diamond and the Whistle Stop Playground at Hillview. It does not protect the Los Altos Civic Center Apricot Orchard or any of the rest of the civic center property. It does not protect the tree-lined parking plazas in our downtown village. Without Measure C, the city can deal away these properties forever.

Residents will not be fooled. They know the limited amount of public land we now have is irreplaceable. In this increasingly congested region, this land needs to be saved for residents today and cherished for future generations.

Roberta Phillips

Los Altos

Is Measure C opposition ‘getting desperate’?

Regarding Los Altos’ Measure C, the parks and public lands initiative:

“Yes on C” is a restore power to the people initiative: “All Power to the People.”

The opposition must be getting desperate. My “Yes on C” sign was stolen from my yard overnight. I may have caught the theft on video; if so, I will be filing a report with the Los Altos Police Department and turning over the evidence for the prosecution of the miscreants.

John Fennell

Los Altos

Measure C will stymie downtown vibrancy

Measure C is confusing and ambiguous, but this much is clear: by requiring special elections, Measure C will stymie normal city operations, create obstacles to city improvements and make Los Altos an unwelcoming environment for business.

Measure C is supposed to “Save Our Parks.” As a Los Altos resident for 34 years, I care about preserving our city’s parks and open space. But our parks are not threatened by government sale; the city has not sold any public land in its 66 years of existence. Still, on Sept. 25, the Los Altos City Council was expected to pass a general plan amendment requiring voter approval for the sale of any city-owned park or open space. We do not need Measure C.

Measure C will do immeasurable damage to our city’s future. More than 80 percent of surveyed residents voted in favor of “more vibrancy” in the Los Altos downtown. Measure C, proposed by a small minority of voters, would stop any effort to increase the vitality of our downtown desired by so many. We can protect the character of Los Altos by continuing to elect responsible council members and holding them accountable. That is our civic duty in our representative democracy.

Margo Horn

Los Altos

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