Letters to the Editor: Week of Aug. 1

New school location is a ‘weird idea’

I’ve read that preliminaries have been approved to put a school in the Kohl’s department store area. What a phenomenal idea! A schoolyard right next to Walmart! Kids can go shopping during recess! Not to worry about traffic, congestion and other distractions!

Now who in their right mind figured that the location of a school could fit in with a major shopping center, a busy movie theater, bustling office buildings, multistory apartments – not to mention an adjacent, monster structure building right across the street (Miller Avenue/San Antonio Road corner) and four corners of busy businesses of all kinds, in all directions?

Forgetting for the moment the inherent danger to young kids in such an area, what about the rest of us trying to drive through that congestion – tough enough right now even before the new buildings and theater are up and running? What happens when that colossus across the street gets occupied? You want to navigate school traffic through that mess? I know how to avoid those corners if I have to, but can the children going to that school be safe? It’s not even a good walk-to-school location for all but maybe a few.

This is truly a weird idea. My wife and I have supported every single school issue since moving here in 1972, but I’d sure vote against that one.

Marv Emerling

Los Altos

Friday-night games bolster community

Living in a town with fabulous schools is a great privilege, and we are so lucky to have raised our four children here in Los Altos. I didn’t think we were missing much in this beautiful community. Then I went to a Friday-night football game in Simi Valley, where my daughter lives and teaches junior high. Wow!

The high schools in Simi Valley have five or six Friday-night games per season (yes, with lights and PA systems, etc.). The game I attended was packed solid with the surrounding community, and the elementary schools were being celebrated that night. The little kids lined the field before the game, and the two teams ran through the little-kid gauntlet. The military was celebrated, too. Each branch of the armed forces was introduced, and representatives were asked to come to the field for the singing of the national anthem.

Everyone goes to Friday-night football games! The young and old, and families! It was incredible! Plus, I felt like I was with a celebrity – with former students hugging my daughter, their “favorite teacher in the whole world”! Everyone knew everyone, and everyone participated. It was a joyous occasion, and it happens at nearly every home game. What an incredible treat!

I would hope that folks who live near the award-winning Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District schools might reconsider their objection to the lights, PA systems and sense of community that Friday-night football (and an occasional “third-party exploitation”) might bring. While the purpose of schools is absolutely to educate our children, we need to remember that part of education is extracurricular activity, and that children are not well rounded without exposure to athletics, competition and the coming together that could be enjoyed by an entire community via public events at these amazing institutions.

Rebecca Hayman

Los Altos

Take rectal exams, health seriously

I am writing about the Town Crier’s “Rocket man” column (July 25). As a retired physician, I have myself been on both ends of numerous rectal exams and colonoscopies. I can assure you that most physicians look forward to doing a rectal exam about as much as their patient does on the receiving end. (But I’ve always felt that a complete physical exam without a rectal exam is, sadly, an incomplete exam.)

Despite the significant technological advances in medicine, periodic rectal exams and, in higher-risk patients (and all over age 45), colonoscopies can be life-saving – by early detection of significant disease, including malignancies or premalignant conditions. With proper routine screening, colon cancer is one of the most easily preventable/curable cancers. Without early detection, it is usually fatal.

So I hope that your column, with its well-intentioned humorous exaggerations, doesn’t discourage any of your readers from following the screening recommendations of their doctors and the American Cancer Society. Their health deserves to be taken seriously.

Michael Rappaport, M.D.

Los Altos

Does Los Altos need ‘rebranding’?

Los Altos’ new economic development coordinator, Anthony Carnesecca, seems like a nice guy, but per the July 25 Town Crier article about him, “among his goals is ‘rebranding’ the city.”

Really … we need that?

John Gordon

Los Altos

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