Letters to the Editor: 10th site choice

Choice still not right for 10th site

What a shame that it has taken over half a year for the LASD finally to be realistic in selecting land for its 10th school north of ECR. They knew that trying to secure the Old Mill/Safeway site would entail eminent domain and probable lawsuits but went ahead anyway. 

I question why the LASD is choosing the Kohl’s property when there is a more desirable and safer location across Showers Drive at the Target property – one of the four sites originally considered. It is an acre larger; has good access into the property; has one owner in the Pear family; should provide ample parking for the school and parkland for this underserved area; and sits next to housing, not in a large, busy shopping center. 

Early on I questioned LASD Board President Ivanovic as to why the more desirable Target property was not being considered. He replied that, since the City of MV was helping the LASD purchase a site, it was only right not to take Target sales tax revenue away from the city. There are many stores within the Kohl’s site so sales tax revenue will be lost if a school is built there. Citizens have one chance to get the best site for a neighborhood school and needed parkland in this area. The LASD needs to ensure that happens this time.

As to who will occupy that 10th school?  It should be a neighborhood elementary school for LASD students living there in order to build community for these families. Moving Egan students there will mean the 500-plus elementary students will continue to be driven across busy ECR to three schools up to 2 miles away. The same will happen if BCS is assigned the 10th school, as cars will drive BCS students there at the same time the neighborhood students are driven away. That’s nonsensical.

There are ways to accommodate BCS in the district. Egan and Blach will have more space without housing the BCS elementary students who can be together at the Santa Rita school site after the new 10th site opens and the LASD reassigns Santa Rita’s students to Almond and Covington. 

Andi Sandstrom

Mountain View

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