Letters to the Editor: LAH roads, parks initiative

LAH should solve roads problem

Los Altos Hills has notoriously underspent on road maintenance over the last 40 years, giving itself a C+, all the while using the excuse that many of the roads in town were never “accepted” by the town and therefore the responsibility of the residents on those roads to maintain, including sending them threatening letters.

Yet, the town has been taxing those same residents for the past 40 years, lost records, changed the rules and now demands that those residents “prove to the town” that the roads are public or pay for the repairs themselves.

Somehow Los Altos Hills has lost its sense of priorities and responsibility. It should be trying to help solve this problem, not be adversaries pushing the burden back to the residents.

Drukpa Kinley

Los Altos Hills

Parks initiative preserves ‘essential’ land

As a resident of downtown Los Altos, I support the initiative to protect our public land. That’s because I know some of our public land, while not listed as parkland, brings us many of the same benefits. The downtown parking plazas are examples. I live adjacent to them and recently set out to count the number of mature trees there.

It is an almost impossible task, and I gave up after I had counted more than 300 – and that is just in the plazas behind the stores in a fraction of the downtown triangle. These mature trees improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment, bringing us needed shade in the summer and incalculable ecological benefits.

Having open space and green space is essential for any community – if this is formally designated as such or just used in that way.

I believe voters will support this initiative because public land is all-important, whether one calls it a “park” or not. And our Civic Center Orchard, a historical treasure, should be placed on an untouchable heritage list.

Thanks to the Los Altos City Council for putting this citizen initiative on the ballot.

Lizebeth Burch

Los Altos

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