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FAA should retain BSR flight path

Hopefully you have noticed a substantial reduction in jet noise over the last week or so. Not perfect, but a lot better.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration made a programming error that “forced” them to return to the original flight path, BIG SUR (BSR), which gave us quiet jet traffic for more than 40 years. This is the flight path our representatives, and the FAA, agreed to shift back to. Unfortunately, the FAA plans to fix the glitch and shift us back to the noisy SERFR flight path. This is scheduled for March or April.

The FAA should make the current shift to the BSR procedure permanent. There is absolutely no reason to continue to invest in SERFR when we can be left on BSR. Then the flight altitudes can be corrected to allow for quiet, gliding descent, and we should be getting close to where we were before the jet noise was forced on us.

If you want to keep the relative quiet in place, and improve upon it, please view and sign the petition at change.org/p/dennis-roberts-the-faa-must-retain-bsr-and-implement-opd-abandon-serfr.

The retention of BSR would provide a great short cut to jet noise reduction. If the FAA continues to spend time and money on SERFR, it is likely we will never get back to the quiet BSR flight path.

Please write your reps and the FAA if you have time, and be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.

Roger Heyder

Los Altos

BCS must abandon ‘separate but equal’ policy

When Bullis Charter School first opened, its students were cherry-picked as the best in the Los Altos School District. Although I am a Mountain View resident, I am also in the Los Altos School District, and I am not comfortable with Bullis Charter School’s student selection process – essentially a variation on the “separate but equal” segregation policies of the South, where and when I was raised. Those policies are allowable to private schools (that segregate according to ability to pay the tuition) and church-owned schools (that segregate according to religion, and can also be expensive) but were struck down for public schools by the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court verdict in Brown v. Board of Education, which declared that “separate is inherently not equal.” Does Bullis Charter School still refuse admission to students with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities? Does it still give preference to “legacy” students? The proposed new campus makes this segregation policy even more explicit. Even though it is not explicitly racist (as those Southern policies were), it still proposes a “separate but equal” school experience for low-income students. This “separate but equal” policy is wrong. Now, the Los Altos School District is negotiating with Mountain View for placement of a school in Mountain View, north of El Camino Real. If Bullis Charter School wants its new “magnet” school to be on that site but continues or expands its “separate but equal” admission policies, I am opposed.

Doug Pearson

Mountain View

Willing to grant BCS power to levy taxes?

In his Feb. 21 letter to the editor, Derek Maclean proposes that Bullis Charter School should have a publicly elected board of trustees (“BCS, LASD are not on ‘equal footing’”).

He apparently is not aware that the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees has the power to levy taxes. Bullis Charter School, however, is a not-for-profit organization that has no power to impose taxes. That’s why it has a board of directors.

If Mr. Maclean would be willing to grant Bullis Charter School the power to tax, I would quickly support his proposal for a publicly elected board of trustees.

Tony Lima

Los Altos

Recall sends message for fair judicial system

I refuse to celebrate Judge Aaron Persky’s empathy in the Brock Turner case when that empathy does not extend to all people equally.

Our current judicial system does not serve to protect and defend women, poor people or people of color – let alone poor women, women of color, poor people of color or any other individual at the intersection of multiple marginalized groups – the way that it protects and defends the Brock Turners of the world.

Voting “yes” to recall Persky is one way that voters can demand a fair judicial system, one that allots empathy equally to us all.

Mariam Ghazvini

Los Altos Hills

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