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Put 10th school site in Mountain View

Why should Los Altos absorb the proposed 10th school site and/or a reconfiguration of Egan Junior High, Bullis Charter School and/or Covington School?

The city of Mountain View has acted irresponsibly by building and continuing to build high-density apartment buildings with no regard for the impact on resources (automobile and pedestrian traffic, water, sewage, parking, schools, police and fire service, etc.).

Eminent domain should be invoked to acquire the Old Mill/Safeway site if necessary. Mountain View made its bed.

Traffic is so bad in north Los Altos now because of the already expanded use of the schools that residents have difficulty leaving and returning to their homes in the mornings, afternoons and during school events. Long lines of cars picking up and dropping off students block traffic on West Portola and Los Altos avenues. It’s already a mess!

Mountain View is part of the Mountain View/Los Altos school district; Mountain View should step up to do its part.

Steve Corcoran

Los Altos

Hillview budget saddles city with debt

I have never felt compelled to write a letter to the editor of the Town Crier, however, the recent the Los Altos City Council vote has spurred me to reconsider.

It’s hard to believe that the council voted 3-2 in favor of the $34.7 million Hillview Community Center project, against the city staff recommendation of $30 million for the 24,500-square-foot project – more than $1,400 per square foot!

In a 10-year financial forecast, the professional staff predicted that the city would have to take on significant debt if the budget totaled $34.7 million. This is very unwise given the number of other city projects with deferred maintenance that will need immediate attention over the next 10 years.

I question the financial judgment of Mayor Jean Mordo and councilwomen Jan Pepper and Mary Prochnow when planning for the future. Additional debt is certainly not the correct answer when you have large and growing CalPERS pension obligations every year for city employees.

Ask many technology leaders and we will tell you to plan for significant cost overruns in the current building construction market. It’s far better to plan for a $27 million budget that can accommodate a $3 million overrun as a 10 percent contingency plan.

I urge the council to do the right thing and reconsider its $34.7 million decision to saddle future generations with a mountain of debt.

Ted Lawson

Los Altos

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