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Pathways should be debate for LAH residents

Deb Goldeen writes eloquently in approval of the Los Altos Hills pathways and the ordinance that perpetuates them (“Town not just horsing around with pathways ordinance,” Dec. 6).

She extols the virtues of the town pathways and demeans those who would oppose a pathways ordinance, block a pathway or fail to install one that she might determine to be necessary for the safety of her four horses.

Ms. Goldeen’s arguments might be more credible if she were a resident of Los Altos Hills, subject to those ordinances and who not only pays the full cost of pathway installation, exceeding $100,000 in some circumstances, but virtually donates their land occupied by those pathways, while simultaneously granting easement for the general public to cross their land at will.

It may gratify some Los Altos Hills residents to know that Ms. Goldeen thoroughly enjoys her rides in our town. But can they also reconcile why she demeans those who do not agree with her, why she cannot instead ride in the Palo Alto parklands and why Los Altos Hills residents are not equally welcome to enjoy the Palo Alto Foothills Park?

The pathways debate rages on with no end yet in sight, but I suggest that evaluation of the merits and demerits of each side be relegated to those who are to be paying the tab and living with the consequences.

Donald D. McCauley

Los Altos Hills

Stick with Mordo – he’s ‘terrific’

Los Altos Mayor Jean Mordo is doing a terrific job making “Los Altos Great Again!”

I admire Jean and Barbara’s contributions to the community – both Los Altos Hills and Los Altos. No one has done more to promote goodwill within both communities. Their efforts were recognized by being selected as the 2010 Los Altans of the Year.

Jean’s legacy is that he is the only politician who has been elected in both communities of Los Altos Hills and Los Altos.

Stick with him. Unlike a lot of politicians, he speaks his mind. And while it often comes across as blunt, he makes you think about the arguments. You do not have to agree with him, but at least he is providing you with a new perspective that you may not have had.

To former Los Altos City Councilman David Casas: Come on, David. Referencing Jean’s remarks to fellow councilmembers as “disparaging of women” is simply off base.

Duffy Price

Los Altos Hills

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