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Let’s keep library in rural setting

We heartily concur with Barry Smith’s letter of Oct. 25, which praises the Los Altos main library’s current setup (“Los Altos Library setup inspires ‘total satisfaction’”).

Our family visits the library every week for books, computer needs and classes, and we are very happy with it.

Should we, however, move the library downtown? If so, I think we would lose a unique quality of this library: its lovely setting. So many times I’ve parked in the Hillview lot and been delighted by the gardens of the Los Altos History Museum. Parking near city hall offices allows you to walk through the apricot orchard, a reminder of Los Altos’ agrarian past. And I love the path through the yellow lilies.

Once in the library, we can look into the orchard as we pause in our labors. The library becomes a place of relaxation and meditation without adding a thing.

Would it be anything like this downtown?

If adjustments need to be made to the current setup, fine. But let’s keep our beautiful, rural library. We won’t know what we’ve lost – until it’s gone.

Anita Baldwin

Los Altos Hills

‘First Street Canyon’ resurrected

Whoa! The First Street Canyon lives again! First on the corner of San Antonio Road and now the 389 First St. project.

What happened to the citizen revolt against sheer three-story walls?

What happened to the setbacks that we thought would be required in future projects?

I guess we know who has the real power.

Paul Anderson

Los Altos

Athletes should refrain from denigrating flag

I want to publicly thank John Gordon for his thoughtful “Other Voices” column (“The flag is a symbol, but some symbols matter,” Nov. 8).

I am deeply offended by professional athletes sitting or kneeling for the national anthem and presentation of the colors.

Every male member of my family served in the military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, from World War I through Iraqi Freedom.

My husband, an Air Force pilot in the Korean conflict, was injured when his jet crashed in 1952. He spent the following 64 years as a paraplegic using a wheelchair. He endured long periods of time in the Palo Alto VA Hospital, and an American flag draped his coffin last December when we buried him.

The American flag was a sacred symbol to him and is to our family. We hang the flag in front of our home every day.

Does any other country have an NFL, an organization in a free country that allows young athletes, regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion, to pursue their dreams and become billionaires?

These athletes have many forums in which to express their opinions about social issues; denigrating our flag is not acceptable.

My opinion of athletes who disrespect our flag would rise considerably if they were to contribute some of their time and wealth to veterans’ organizations, and thank veterans who protect their freedoms.

Thalia Welch

Mountain View

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