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Thanks for reminder to turn off car engines

I applaud the effort to reduce vehicle idling in Los Altos (“Resident’s anti-idling efforts fueled toward clean air,” Aug 9).

I believe people really want to do the right thing. They do not think about the effects of keeping their cars running while they talk on the phone or read emails, etc. They do not think about the harm they are doing to the air, the climate and the health of their neighbors, friends and family. They just need to know and be reminded to turn off the car.

I recall when it was recommended that cars “warm up” before accelerating and be left idling when stopped for relatively short times. Newer cars are different. Turning the car engine off and on does not harm the car – it saves fuel and money, and it improves air quality.

I am for this effort, and I hope we as a community support it.

Pat Lang

Los Altos Hills

GreenTown deserves blue ribbon for efforts

I am writing to commend GreenTown for its many successes in helping Los Altos and Los Altos Hills become more and more environmentally friendly places to live.

As a new owner this year of a fabulous Chevy Bolt, I’m especially passionate about electric cars. I also encourage others to look beyond our immediate towns as we work to combat the existential problem of climate change.

Please consider joining fellow residents in our local chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. CCL advocates Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation that would put an escalating price on carbon and push the U.S. economy in the direction of efficiency and clean energy alternatives, returning the revenue collected directly to all households.

This market-driven solution is fair to all and is garnering increasing support from Republicans as well as Democrats.

Susan Schofield

Los Altos

City site for preschool sets bad precedent

The Town Crier’s Aug. 16 article on Children’s Corner (“Children’s Corner negotiates with city for future at Hillview”) quotes Executive Director Gini Brown’s concerns that having to move from Hillview Community Center “would be detrimental to the business.”

The bigger issue, not mentioned in the article, is whether residents want to give, sell or lease our public lands to private entities.

The $25 million allocated for reconstruction of Hillview would not cover the 3,000-square-foot indoor space and 2,500-square-foot outdoor space Children’s Corner is asking for. Additional funds would be needed to pay for that space, assuming a long-term lease would make the investment worthwhile.

Under state child care laws, no one else could use that dedicated space for any other purpose, even when the children were not present.

Thus, we would be handing over 5,500 square feet of our public land for 20 or 30 years, or whatever the term of the lease would be.

I don’t doubt that Children’s Corner is an excellent preschool, but it’s not the city’s responsibility to provide real estate for private businesses or to ensure their success.

A special deal for Children’s Corner would show favoritism for one child care center over all the others in town.

It also would set a bad precedent that could open the door to other organizations wanting a piece of city property.

Pat Marriott

Los Altos

Leave ZIP code changes to Postal Service

Following is an open letter to Los Altos Hills Mayor Gary Waldeck regarding his plan to seek a dedicated ZIP code for the town (“ZIP-a-dee-doo-dah: LAH mayor pushes for unique postal code,” Aug. 16).

Mayor Waldeck:

Please consider dropping your campaign to change our ZIP codes.

For better or worse, most people around here, including data thieves and other assorted crooks, are well aware of Los Altos Hills’ “unique identity.” Some of us prefer the anonymity of being part of a larger pool, along with all those unfortunate lowlanders (whose property values seem to be on track to overtake our own).


• The cost to the federal government as well as to our town to implement such a change.

• The collective hassle of everyone in town having to change addresses, accounts, IDs, etc., as well as the inconvenience to all those with whom we correspond.

• That such an action would serve to further cement the public impression of our hat size.

We share a number of great features with Los Altos, such as shopping, the library, Little League and the two-thirds of our town’s name that is not redundant. Let’s let the U.S. Postal Service, which is having a hard enough time as it is, manage ZIP codes as they see fit.

Rick McAulay

Los Altos Hills

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