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Letters to the Editor

Coyote preservation called into question

A recent article in the Town Crier alluded to increased coyote activity in the Los Altos Hills area (“Drought may cause increased coyote activity,” July 2). It also cites an increase in the number of domestic pets likely killed by coyotes. Then it describes how the town of Los Altos Hills has installed “Coyote Advisory – No Dogs Allowed” signs in Byrne Preserve to allow the coyotes to nurture their cubs in peace.

It would seem that the town is trying to assist the successful propagation of more coyotes at Byrne Preserve, which in effect will result in the death of more house pets on adjacent properties. This sounds similar to the “do-gooders” who successfully reintroduced wolves into Yellowstone Park and then showed surprise when the elk and cattle herds nearby were decimated.

Sometimes nature works better if we leave it alone.

Robert Tacy

Los Altos Hills

Safeway’s back – but not the parking

The Los Altos Planning Commission strikes again.

After a year of dodging demolition, construction and other obstacles, we have a huge new Safeway store at First and State streets. But to get into the store, you must first park your car. Good luck with that!

The new store is 2.5 times the square footage of the old store, but the parking is just barely equal to the amount of spaces for the prior store. Yes, we have the lovely parking plaza across the street, but that parking already serves other businesses. Where, Planning Commission, are grocery shoppers supposed to park in order to enjoy our spacious new store?

It seems that all new buildings approved during the past several years have included fewer than the recommended number of parking spaces, because we have the lovely parking plazas downtown. Sorry! There is not enough parking for shoppers of any kind downtown.

The Los Altos City Council and the Planning Commission have expressed a desire to encourage more shopping in downtown Los Altos to boost tax revenues. But with inadequate parking in Los Altos, many of those shoppers will go elsewhere – to places where they can easily park their cars and go into the stores to spend their money.

The parking plan for the new Safeway is a joke at best, and it will result in the huge store being largely unused – a ghost town. Shame on you, Planning Commission.

Lee Ann Gilbert

Los Altos

U-turn elimination proves ‘yo-yo’ idea

Every time I visit Chase Bank, I am appalled by the long line of empty parking spaces extending to the right toward San Antonio Road. Because the U-turn at the end was eliminated, the only way to access these spaces is by a little-known access road hidden behind the new boutique hotel.

Who makes these decisions? Probably the same yo-yos who approved the “Great Wall” and stole the second lane from El Monte Avenue.

How soon is the next election? Let’s vote them all out.

Paul Anderson

Los Altos

Two-story buildings would add capacity

One lower-cost alternative to increasing the capacity for the Los Altos School District is building two-story classroom buildings at all the school locations.

If you added 20 percent in capacity to all the school locations, it would avoid the huge expense of acquiring land for a new school (or schools) and adding additional administration.

Another cost savings would be to hire a great architectural firm to design a great building where the footprint would fit all the schools to spread the cost among each school campus.

The school board should include this alternative in its decision process to identify the size of a bond initiative for voter approval.

David Smith

Los Altos

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