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Letters to the Editor

MROSD extends thanks to local voters

I would like to thank all the voters in Los Altos and Mountain View for their overwhelming support for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District’s Measure AA for open-space access, preservation and restoration, which passed by a greater than 2-to-1 margin last month.

I also want to thank the Los Altos City Council and the Town Crier for their strong endorsements.

Your support authorizes the district to issue bonds of up to $300 million to add 200 miles of trails, increase recreational access for residents of all ages and preserve and restore thousands of acres of open spaces, forests, streams, wetlands and farmlands throughout the district, which stretches from Los Gatos to East Palo Alto and north of Half Moon Bay.

This money will be carefully used on the 25 high-priority areas outlined by the district’s public vision-planning process in which many of you participated. I welcome your participation in the next phases of these high-priority projects through a transparent and inclusive process involving meetings, discussions and opportunities for community involvement. More information is available at openspace.org.

Thanks again for your support and trust in your Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

Curt Riffle

Director, Ward 4 Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Column on construction garners support

I want to thank the Town Crier for printing Allyson Johnson’s wonderful column, “The hollow towns” (July 2). It totally echoed my feelings about the monstrosities they are building downtown.

My husband and I are native Palo Altans. We lived there until 27 years ago, when it became impossible to put up with the changes that had completely ruined the town we had known all of our lives – the parking; the odd, ugly buildings that in no way fit in with the charm of Palo Alto; and the people, who had absolutely no idea of the history or the quaintness of the town, moving in and taking over the city council.

We moved to Los Altos because we loved the “village” atmosphere, the pace and rural nature of the town. We love Los Altos and are so happy to be able to live here. For years, I have said, “I hope Los Altos doesn’t do what Palo Alto did.” Well, sure enough, they are.

I am so sad to see what is happening downtown. Who approved these buildings? They are appalling. They are doing to downtown what Palo Alto has done downtown and along El Camino Real: zero lot lines and buildings rising four stories from the edge of the sidewalk to the edge of Foothill Expressway. First Street will now be a “canyon,” with a dark and closed-in feeling and absolutely no view of anything green.

I am just sick about it. I am literally afraid for Los Altos. It breaks my heart, because I can see what is going to happen. How do we wake people up to the fact that they are in danger of losing the very things they love about their village?

Judith Bragg

Los Altos

Encounter with police triggers move out of town

A month ago, I was detained by the Los Altos Police Department after a fender bender on State Street, and the police administered a sobriety test, which I passed. The police referred the matter to the Department of Motor Vehicles, suggesting a re-examination of my driving fitness due to the Los Altos Police Department’s view that my medications might make me susceptible to a seizure.

A medical report submitted to the DMV by my doctor declared me fit to drive. I passed my written DMV test and am scheduled for a driving test.

The consequences of suspension of my license are that I shall close my company, a Massachusetts corporation authorized to do business in California, with the loss of six jobs here and estimated costs of $200,000. I shall move back to Boston and apply for a new license.

David Taylor Johannesen

Los Altos

Editor’s note: Johannesen claims that he has filed suit against the DMV and the Los Altos Police Department.

Scammers: Stop targeting seniors

I just hung up on a recorded message from someone wanting me to take delivery on a medical alert system that I did not order.

And now the real estate vultures are out in full force. I get frequent letters urging me to move out and let them sell my property. One realtor became so rude, patronizing and condescending that I sent the letter on to my son, who gave her the blast she deserved.

Many seniors have lived in Los Altos for a half-century or more. We remember when it was the ideal hometown. Then the developers muscled in and now you can see the most ghastly results of all on First Street.

No more telephone and mail harassment, please. We deserve better!

Joyce M. Smith

Los Altos

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