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Letters to the Editor

LASD, city council take positive step

The open and positive dialogue that took place at the June 19 meeting between city officials and the Los Altos School District was very encouraging and hopefully will continue.

It was most gratifying to have our two elected bodies work together to find a solution toward a suitable site to build additional school(s).

Natalie Elefant

Los Altos

Each Student Counts runs ‘misleading’ ad

Once again, the Town Crier has run an advertisement from the Each Student Counts group (June 18) that presents misleading or incorrect information.

The statement that “spending exceeded the $95 million bond authorization by 20 percent” might lead a person to believe that the district spent more than was authorized. In reality, the Los Altos School District was able to parlay the $95 million from Measure H into $129.4 million through matching funds, rebates, energy grants, refinancing and earned interest. The result was more functional buildings, greater earthquake safety and campuses that no longer flood regularly.

The local Construction Cost Index increased more in 2000 (9.3 percent) than in any other year since 1980. No doubt costs increased beyond the inflationary factors that would have seemed reasonable in 1998.

Rising costs are one of a number of concerns that the current board will have to consider as we work to house more than 1,000 more children than we had when the last bond was passed.

I am sure that the experience of my fellow board members, strong community oversight and knowledge from prior construction projects will guide us to carefully use public tax dollars to retain our excellent local schools.

Tamara Logan, president

Los Altos School District Board of Trustees

Show support for community pool

The city of Los Altos is reviewing which recreational features should be part of the community center. I believe that a pool should be included.

Los Altos is one of the only communities in the Bay Area that does not have such a facility. Our youth, families and seniors would benefit from the two pools and water play area.

Swimming, water exercise and water-based group activities will support and encourage health and be a magnet for social activities in our community.

Please join me in letting Los Altos know that you support the proposed pool and believe that since it is for the community, it needs to be included in the bond.

Kamrin Knight Desmond

Los Altos Community Pool Foundation

Board of Directors

Little Leaguers’ salute inspires

Laura Orella’s article “Rangers salute fallen soldier before games” (Town Crier, June 25) was absolutely wonderful.

The salute to Will Sigua is a fitting tribute that the town of Los Altos Hills in 2007 appropriately visualized when the memorial plaque and field were dedicated in Will’s memory.

I commend Steve Susko, the Rangers’ assistant coach, for inspiring his players to honor Will and his ultimate sacrifice.

Most of all, thank you to the members of the Rangers Little League team for their dedication and for keeping Will’s memory alive. Jackie and Ben Sigua, Will’s parents, continue to inspire all of us.

Duffy Price

Los Altos Hills

Speaker’s defense of Israel proves ‘puzzling’

Nonie Darwish’s talk at the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley (“Islam critic decries culture of fear in Conservative Forum talk,” June 11) raises some interesting issues that merit a strong response.

She claims that the basic difference between Islam and Christianity is our relationship to God. Both faiths claim an abiding love of God – whether this be a slave-child relationship is completely irrelevant.

Frankly, I prefer the Sikh belief system. Sikhs are self-proclaimed devotees of God, and their livelong quest is to be of service to God by providing help and support to their fellow human beings. There is complete equality of the sexes, and the Scriptures specifically state that God does not favor any religious group. The founder of the religion forbade meaningless rituals. This was a major social transformation from traditional Hinduism, which is heavily steeped in traditions and rituals.

It is puzzling to understand why Darwish is such an ardent supporter of the state of Israel. Throughout its short history, Israel has adopted an aggressive posture in its zeal to establish the state of Israel. Many Jews are increasingly dismayed by Israel’s long-standing intransigence to reach a peaceful accommodation with the Palestinians.

The Presbyterian Church voted in its general convention to divest from three companies that export equipment to the occupied Palestinian territories. This is an effort to pressure Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank and to end the occupation. Jewish activists from Jewish Voice for Peace stated that divestment can serve a constructive purpose. Other American churches have adopted similar strategies to protest Israeli policies.

Religious groups were in the forefront with South Africa to demolish the apartheid system. Israel’s behavior is morally indefensible and incompatible with Jewish moral values.

Jagjit Singh

Los Altos

Los Altos Scammers: Stop targeting seniors

I just hung up on a recorded message from someone wanting me to take delivery on a medical alert system that I did not order.

And now the real estate vultures are out in full force. I get frequent letters urging me to move out and let them sell my property. One realtor became so rude, patronizing and condescending that I sent the letter on to my son, who gave her the blast she deserved.

Many seniors have lived in Los Altos for a half-century or more. We remember when it was the ideal hometown. Then the developers muscled in and now you can see the most ghastly results of all on First Street.

No more telephone and mail harassment, please. We deserve better!

Joyce M. Smith

Los Altos

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