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Letters to the Editor

Don’t be a litterbug

Our city offers beautiful, well-maintained parks and recreational facilities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all cleaned up after having a picnic, instead of leaving a mess like this? We took the above photo at McKenzie Park May 12 in the early morning.

Susan and Les Besser

Los Altos

Mental-health event raises ‘malevolence’ of words

Regarding the Town Crier article “‘Sopranos’ actor talks of overcoming symptoms, stigma of mental illness” (May 14): Very often prejudices need partners to survive. Stigmas always do. You have partnered with Joe Pantoliano in his.

You likely view his prejudice as a truth; cooperation with a prejudice most often depends on that: The prejudice is a truth.

The stigma of Jews required cooperation, as did the stigma of rape.

Both those “truths” have faded – we now know they were not truths. No one’s prejudice is someone else’s stigma, no matter how long or how loudly it is proclaimed.

Los Altos High School student Sarah Merrick also spoke at the event. Merrick founded the LETS (Let’s Erase The Stigma) Club to provide a forum for discussing mental-health issues on campus. Like you, she has been trained to see someone’s prejudice against her as her stigma. Like you, she feels it necessary to repeat her lesson, as people before her repeated the others.

Is there malevolence in any of the above voices? There is not – the malevolence resides in the words. History has taught that we do not always listen to history.

Harold A. Maio

Retired mental-health editor

Fort Myers, Fla.

Foothill athletes perform swimmingly

The Los Altos Mountain View Aquatic Club (LAMVAC) wishes to congratulate the Foothill College women’s swim team on their first-place finish (first time ever!) at the 2014 Coast Conference Swimming and Diving Championships, held at Chabot College April 17-19.

Congratulations to LAMVAC men Oliver Kask, Karl Muonio and Michael Thomas for anchoring the men’s sixth-place finish at the event.

Anna Dahan


Vote yes on Measure AA

On the weekend, my sons and I find natural places to explore. Considering our area’s incredible diversity of gorgeous scenery, it’s sometimes hard to choose.

At Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, we don’t have to settle for just one stunning vista – a network of trails offers everything from shaded paths through the trees (often, to both my 2- and 4-year-old sons’ delight, covered in banana slugs) to wildflower-strewn trails surrounded by huckleberry and Douglas fir trees and a wind-blown ridgeline with views of the ocean.

Rancho San Antonio is often where we come to find an important retreat from our fast-paced lives in Silicon Valley.

That’s why I’m voting yes on Measure AA in June. The measure will add more than 200 miles of trails right here in our area. New trail connections will link our world-class open-space preserves together, creating a network that we can hike, bike and explore for years to come.

But this measure isn’t just for the hiking buffs among us – parks like Cooley Landing at the Ravenswood Preserve in East Palo Alto offer flat, easily accessible pathways along the Bay for all to enjoy.

With Measure AA’s help, Cooley Landing would also receive enhancements to its education center, complete with interactive exhibits for children and residents of all ages.

If you haven’t made it out to one of the incredible open-space preserves on the Peninsula, I urge you to do so.

And please vote yes on Measure AA Tuesday. We already have astounding open spaces – let’s make sure that we can continue to enjoy them.

Gary Kremen

Los Altos Hills

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