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Letters to the Editor

School district chooses to prolong dispute

With all due respect to Duncan MacVicar’s March 26 letter to the editor (“Why not work together to pass school bond?”), I disagree that the dispute between Bullis Charter School and the Los Altos School District is all about something that happened 10 years ago.

Most current Bullis Charter School parents did not have children when the dispute began. Nearly 75 percent of Bullis students had not been born 10 years ago.

In fact, many families, like mine, chose to move to Los Altos in the hopes that our toddlers could eventually attend Bullis Charter School. So please know that the dispute is not “in the past.” It is every day.

With every day the Los Altos School District trustees deny our children a play space, or green grass, or a gym, or a multipurpose room or a science lab – spaces that already exist, are vacant and do not require a bond to build – they choose to prolong the dispute.

With every day the trustees undercount our children and treat them like second-class citizens, they choose to prolong the dispute.

With every day the trustees wrongly accuse our school of not being diverse, or sue us to try to move us to Sunnyvale, they choose to prolong the dispute.

We parents of young children represent the current and future Bullis Charter School. We have spoken at countless district board meetings.

We have tried to reason and plead with the trustees to act in a reasonable and unbiased manner. All to no avail.

So, Mr. MacVicar, instead of asking Bullis Charter School parents to “stop revisiting 10-year-old wounds,” please instead urge the trustees to start treating all public school children fairly – today – so that the current dispute does not go for another 10 years.

Laura Borns

Los Altos

County Fire Department deserves credit

The Los Altos Hills County Fire District greatly appreciates Ellie Van Houtte’s April 30 article (“At 75 years, fire district prepares for future”).

Unfortunately, in the print edition, the article failed to provide proper attribution to the Santa Clara County Fire Department, which provides excellent contract services to both the district and the city of Los Altos.

Thanks to the Town Crier’s commitment to accuracy and a speedy response, the error was corrected in the online edition.

The district is extremely proud of the services provided by the Santa Clara County Fire Department and expresses grateful appreciation for your responsiveness to correct an error.

Duffy Price, president

Los Altos Hills County Fire District

Residents: Unite on community center

United we stand, divided we fall.

This is the message from a passionate group of Los Altos residents who want to see a successful result from the Los Altos Community Center planning process. They do not want a repeat of the experience from a few years ago, when a significant effort was made to develop a Civic Center Master Plan but failed to draw sufficient community support to fund it and build it.

Led by the Los Altos Community Pool Foundation, this group organized a May 1 meeting to unite the multiple stakeholder groups that have an interest in the community center. These include the seniors from both Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, the Friends of the Library, the Los Altos History Museum, local youth, the downtown business community and athletic groups, to name a few.

The goal is to follow the example of Menlo Park, where multiple interest groups united their efforts, resulting in a successful bond measure that funded new recreation facilities, including a pool, athletic fields, playgrounds and administrative offices.

The Los Altos City Council has hired a consultant to validate what should be included in a new community center. But this is what we really want to see: residents organizing and uniting to define the essential components of a new community center, getting the city council to agree and then committing to the hard work of getting a bond passed to build it.

Jan Pepper

Los Altos City Councilwoman

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