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Letters to the Editor

Chamber supports parking structure

The Town Crier has chronicled the cry for increased village parking over the past four decades. Today, the parking problem is even more acute and will get worse if the situation is not addressed soon.

That is why the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the proposal outlined in the May 2013 Los Altos City Downtown Parking Management Plan to begin work as soon as possible building a village parking structure on one of the current parking plazas.

We realize that it will take time to move the parking structure through the appropriate city processes: designing and siting the structure, determining financing (e.g., possibly city and property owners sharing costs) and vetting the process and final proposal.

We support a vibrant downtown that best serves our community.

Over the past year, we have seen smart growth downtown with an exciting Safeway project, new housing and a new multiuse building slated to house restaurants and offices at 400 Main St. The additional revenues generated by bringing successful new businesses downtown, and by supporting our current establishments, will fund needed city services.

We look forward to working with the Los Altos City Council, other groups and the community to build a downtown parking structure that will serve the needs of our community. We strongly agree with the Town Crier’s April 16 recent editorial, “Now is the time to expand parking.”

Barry Groves

Los Altos Chamber of Commerce chairman

‘Open doors’: Public art matters

The following is a response to Tom Popek’s letter in the April 16 Town Crier (“‘Open door’ policy proves expensive”).

The “open doors” sculpture you refer to in your letter is titled “Door sculpture to talk about the idea of different possibilities you may have to process your life” by Chris Johanson. I am pleased to see that you have started a discussion.

We are blessed to live in a community that values public art, both financially and culturally. With the investment of a few community groups and individuals, the cost to keep this sculpture was raised within 24 hours, after approval from the Los Altos City Council. Cheers to Los Altos!

The purchase was divided among the generosity of Passerelle Investment Co., the city of Los Altos and our community.

Data strongly indicate that cities with an active and dynamic cultural scene are more attractive to individuals and businesses.

Public art can transform our parks, plazas, libraries and streets into more vibrant expressions of human imagination. It provides an intersection among past, present and future and among disciplines and ideas. Public art is freely accessible and creates a sense of place.

The doors are always open – walk through them and enjoy their beauty.

Maddy McBirney

Los Altos

Courts should serve tennis players, taxpayers

As co-presidents of the Los Altos Tennis Club, we are writing to reinforce the view that Michael Rappaport expressed in an earlier letter to the editor regarding public use of Los Altos tennis courts (“Equitable arrangement needed for tennis courts,” March 12).

Restricting teaching to one court in each of these locations when other Los Altos citizens are waiting to play seems like one reasonable alternative to the current policy of Whitlinger & Sarsfield having exclusive use of two out of three courts at the three-court sites.

We talked about the scheduling problems with Beverly Tucker, director of the Recreation Department. We are happy to report that she immediately responded to us and is taking steps to make the lessons program mesh better with the needs of the tennis-playing public. She suggested that one longer-term solution to the problem might be to include tennis courts in the plans for the new community center, noting that there are simply not enough courts to currently accommodate the needs of a growing Los Altos tennis-playing public.

We want to commend Ms. Tucker for her quick response and look forward to working with her and the Recreation Department to make sure that both the regular Los Altos players and the new generation of tennis learners are accommodated happily on our Los Altos courts.

Emy Thurber and

Karen Tobey

Los Altos Tennis Club

Southern stereotype is condescending

I read Grace Acosta’s opinion piece regarding “Enlightened California” in the April 23 Town Crier. 

Regardless of what she personally feels about the citizens of Mississippi, to categorize the state and the entire South as “backward thinking” is condescending.

If someone thinks differently from you, it does not make them backward.

Laura Blanch

Los Altos

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