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Letters to the Editor

Los Altos City Council: Please slow down

Our community has two major needs – a community center and a new school(s).

The Los Altos City Council has organized meetings to obtain public input for a new community center. Many residents attended the Community Workshop April 1. Hopefully, our councilmembers listened to the input and will ask for more. There was a sizable group of participants who want the council to consider a joint-use proposal before making any final decisions. What better way for our city council and the Los Altos School District Board to work together for our community’s good and help solve both of these critical needs? The two bodies did just that in 1975, when the city purchased the Hillview site.

Did you know that the city of Emeryville has a standing committee that coordinates interaction between the Emery Unified School District Board of Trustees and the Emeryville City Council on matters that affect both entities? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the city of Los Altos and the Los Altos School District could set up a similar committee?

The Emeryville committee has worked together to realize a joint master project of shared-use facilities, scheduled for completion by next year.

In Paris, Tenn., a joint elementary school/community center has been operating for more than 10 years. It is estimated that the savings to the Paris community was between $750,000 and $1 million. Wouldn’t we want a similar savings for Los Altos?

Here in Los Altos, we are at the forefront of technology. Can’t we also be at the forefront of the nationwide trend of making the most of our tax dollars?

Please contact members of the Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees to encourage talks on positive solutions for all of us.

Natalie Elefant

Los Altos

LA council may need ‘reconfiguring’

The Los Altos City Council just voted to develop a plan to put the future of our public parking plazas – and their hundreds and hundreds of mature trees – into the hands of local developers, to reconfigure as they wish.

This is the same council majority that negatively transformed First Street and is letting the paint peel and roof leak at Hillview Community Center so that voters will feel we have to fund a bigger, fancier facility.

Maybe it is the Los Altos City Council that needs to be “reconfigured.”

Robin Chapman

Los Altos

Downtown offers slew of activities

Thank you to Deborah Rockey for expressing what I have felt for the past few years (“The mysterious force in Los Altos,” April 9). I have lived in Los Altos since 1962 and though I was not born in this country, I consider Los Altos my hometown. No matter where my company sent me, I always returned.

Now I’m a senior citizen enjoying downtown living on a fixed income. Surprisingly enough, thanks to that “mysterious force,” there are a lot of things to do that do not cost money.

As a volunteer at the Senior Center, I was able to lead quite a few seniors on art tours when the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibition was in town, and I just love all the events on the green.

Downtown Los Altos has a lot to offer, even on a limited budget. Many thanks to that mysterious force for shaking things up.

K. Gabrielle Tiemann

Los Altos

Don’t turn village into West Mtn. View

I would like to respond to the letter “Save our village: Throw the bums out” (April 9). John Hubicsak hit the proverbial nail on the head! Well done!

I tried to get on the Planning and Transportation Commission but didn’t quite make it. I made the mistake of telling them what I thought of their track record so far. My plan was to put on the brakes with all the four-story buildings that are destroying our former “village.”

Two stories should be the limit, except for historical buildings. Leave Main and State streets alone! The density is already too much. First Street now looks like it should be renamed “Grand Canyon Avenue.” It’s going to get worse when the proposed monster building goes up on First Street and San Antonio Road.

Everyone I have talked to has expressed dismay at what the commission, the city council and the imbedded developers have done to our former quaint little village.

We need a total cleansing of the present council and to vote in some folks who have more respect for the citizens’ desires.

Also, let’s tell Google money that they need to tread lightly in their downtown proposals. This town is for all ages, not just young kids.

We have lived here since 1974 and remember a much better town than now.

If you read this rant and then do nothing, eventually you will see a West Mountain View downtown, not a Los Altos Village. Silence is our enemy.

Bob Jones

Los Altos

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