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Letters to the Editor

What would improve quality of life?

We ask fellow Los Altos residents: What would most increase your quality of life in Los Altos? A community swimming pool? An upgraded theater? A state-of-the-art senior center? Quality child care? Something else?

Now is the time to make your priorities known to the Los Altos City Council, which is holding public meetings to solicit input on the design for a new community center. The features of the new center are yet to be determined, but it is already clear that the council will have tough choices to make about what is included and what is left out. Your opinions can only be considered if you participate in the process.

Once the design is finalized, residents will most likely be asked to vote on a bond issue to fund the center. At that point, you will want to understand the project, be clear on how decisions were made about the final design and cost, and appreciate the value of the new center to our beloved city.

Beyond becoming informed and engaged yourself, we encourage you to let those in your networks know about this exciting project and how to make their views count. Additional information is available at losaltosca.gov.

Marge Bruno, on behalf of the

Los Altos Women’s Caucus

Penny Lave
Ginny Lear
Jane Reed
Andrea Eaton
Amy Pearl
Maddy McBirney
Emy Thurber
Robin Abrams
Mary Prochnow
Marie Young
Brenda Taussig

Save our village: Throw the bums out

In the March 26 Town Crier, there were two letters to the editor lamenting the recent building of oversized commercial/residential structures in the Los Altos village (“Council should express vision for downtown” and “Council: Stop with ‘business park’ mentality”).

I agree totally, but letters to the editor or objections at city council meetings have always fallen on deaf ears. I’ve lived near downtown since 1985, and since then, the rubber-stamp Los Altos Planning Commission and City Council have almost never rejected any new structure. Modified yes, but never rejected. Money talks, and developer money always trumps!

The solution to stopping more out-of-scale monstrosities that now engulf First Street between Edith Avenue and Main Street is to throw the bums out! Elect candidates who are pro-community and anti-developer. Otherwise, over the next 10 years, Main and State streets will come to resemble First Street, and our village will be gone.

John Hubicsak

Los Altos

Just say no to destruction of trees

Over the past six weeks, PG&E contractors (in unmarked orange utility trucks) have been at work mercilessly removing and cutting our old-growth trees in Lincoln Park and turning them into mulch in front of our eyes.

These trees provide natural beauty to one of Los Altos’ most high-profile parks, which acts as both an entrance and an extension to our downtown.

As discussed in a Town Crier “Other Voices” column (“Before and after – with ‘horrific’ results,” March 26), PG&E claims the “right” to remove trees as it sees fit to protect its utility lines. While we can all understand that rationale, we believe that PG&E has become too aggressive in the removal of old-growth trees.

Many trees PG&E didn’t remove it has literally cut in half, leaving them as sad reminders of the beauty they once held.

Trees that have been standing in the same place for 50-100 years without disturbing the lines are suddenly being taken down.

It will take another 50-100 years to regrow trees in this beautiful park, if ever. These same trees provide a buffer from the noise and pollution of Foothill Expressway, and they enhance the downtown by providing a beautiful extension to the city.

It’s time for Los Altos to say no to the destruction of our parks and our trees.

Perhaps we should consider burying the precious transmission lines along Lincoln Park (as was done just across Foothill Expressway on First Street). Many other local towns have done this in neighborhoods and high-profile areas (Palo Alto comes to mind, as well as many others).

Please join me by writing to the Los Altos City Council with your concerns.

Nancy Bremeau

Los Altos

Don’t let PG&E run roughshod

I read with concern, disgust and disbelief in the San Jose Mercury News March 26 about PG&E’s plan to cut down trees.

I didn’t realize that PG&E had started here in Los Altos until I read a column in the Town Crier on that same date (“Before and after – with ‘horrific’ results”) about trees that were already cut. The Mercury News article mentioned a few Bay Area cities that are forming a coalition opposing PG&E’s plan.

Los Altos was not among those cities, and I am very concerned that the Los Altos City Council is not protecting its residents and their properties.

PG&E should not be allowed to run roughshod over its customers. All I could think as I read both newspaper articles: “Here they go again!”

Hilma Mortell

Los Altos

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