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Letters to the Editor

Enforce pedestrian violations

Kurt Ayers made excellent points in his March 19 letter (“Address Main & Second before it’s too late”). I totally agree and support his position.

He accurately describes a “pedestrian blatantly in the center of a crosswalk” and other offenses relating to “Driving While Stupid” (DWS), and space likely limited his including jaywalking (JWS?), stop-sign crashes by cyclists, skateboarding – and the list goes on.

There is no shortage of offenses. Laws are passed to promote safety while observing convenience. The lack of that enforcement is related to low revenue collection in some instances.

We can hardly say that enforcement officers did not see this going on. There is a need for priority considerations as well. But surely if we can afford a parking enforcement officer (what does this have to do with safety?), why can’t we also/instead have the officer cite safety offenses of pedestrians and cyclists before we see someone seriously hurt, as Ayers pointed out.

Motorists are the most profitable target of correction, but by no means the only problem. Thanks to Ayers, perhaps something instead of “coulda/woulda/shoulda” will now be done.

S. Bill Overton

Los Altos Hills

Who’s in charge of Los Altos trail?

Last year, I learned of the Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study and its potential impact on my south Los Altos neighborhood. Several misguided proposals are being considered, and I tried to join the Citizens Working Group to provide input. My application was rejected in favor of someone who lives far from my neighborhood.

I spoke at multiple city council meetings to request a review of the study. I helped gather signatures (800 total) on two petitions to our city council. Councilmembers Jeannie Bruins, Jarrett Fishpaw and Megan Satterlee did not listen and instead voted to block an agenda item to review the Joint Cities Feasibility Study.

I recently received a flier from Friends of the Stevens Creek Trail for a meeting scheduled March 28 to solicit feedback on the trail. They point out that they have five members of their organization (including Bruins) as representatives in the Feasibility Study and they desire to “find a route through Los Altos.”

Our city has ignored its citizens and let Friends of the Stevens Creek Trail take over the process. This is wrong.

Chris Hansen

Los Altos

PG&E took proper action

Although I agree with most situations with our Los Altos tree ordinance and am no fan of PG&E, I couldn’t disagree more with Larry J. Gardner’s “Other Voices” column (“Before and after with ‘horrific’ results,” March 26), which decried the removal of mature redwood trees along Los Altos Avenue.

I am very familiar with those three 30-40 foot stubs, which had been topped because they were growing into the high-tension wires above. I had long wondered why the homeowners themselves had not removed these out-of-place eyesores. They had become, in fact, a dense, ugly redwood hedge that spilled onto the sidewalk beside them. Although PG&E may be arrogant at times, this time they were right, in my opinion.

When I witnessed PG&E crews removing the trees, I was delighted. However, the job is not completed. These stumps will produce ugly sprouts if not ground into the soil. This should be PG&E’s job as well.

Ruth Troetschler

Los Altos

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