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Letters to the Editor

Longtime businesses forced out of downtown

I just stopped by to pick up my car from Alan and Amanda Pickett at California Automotive Service on First Street in Los Altos. They told me that they have lost their lease (See related story on page 4).

Here we go again – another business being forced out of downtown, a convenient and honest business that my family has used for years. They are family to us.

I know the goal is to bring business to the downtown, but at the expense of families’ livelihoods?

Shame on the owners of the building.

Carrie Lee Mohun

Los Altos

Why not work together to pass school bond?

Numerous letters to the Town Crier this year question the legitimacy of Bullis Charter School.

An angry Los Altos Hills resident recalled the betrayal by the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees, which, more than 10 years ago, promised something beneficial and then delivered something harmful.

In response, I am moved to ask: When are we going to just let the past be the past, and cease to revisit 10-year-old wounds over and over? It’s hard to make progress in life when you’re tied up by the pain of the past.

When will we instead open our eyes to the present, seeing that within our elementary school district – among the best in the state – we have one of the state’s best charter schools?

We should be celebrating this outstanding diversity in public education, not gnashing our teeth about it – or filing lawsuits, either.

Why can’t we focus together on the future, supporting the Los Altos School District in its quest to build the two schools it so desperately needs?

Passing a school bond will take the cooperative effort of the district, Bullis Charter School and the public, and it will go a long way toward healing the rift in our community.

Duncan MacVicar

Los Altos

Council should express vision for downtown

Some time ago, a letter appeared in a local paper that stated, “Los Altos, cute little village, tear it down, build a city.”

Since I have read few letters in the Town Crier and other local newspapers decrying the building of large, oversized retail/office/condominiums in town, I assume that most residents don’t mind what’s happening.

My husband and I are totally against the buildings that the Los Altos City Council sees fit to approve. They overpower others, do not fit our style and often don’t have enough parking. Buildings are two stories and look like three stories that look like four. Change the zoning!

There’s no sun now on First Street and the ambience is going away. Please note the latest three-story building that will take over the corner of First Street and San Antonio Road. The Barking Lot and Burger Town will go. There are two two-story buildings across the street and then single stories. We do not know why a three-story retail building would be allowed, unless it’s a “community benefit” project.

Anything can be built here if builders provide a community benefit. A public or community benefit is whatever the council decides. It’s time that they told local residents.

Marya and Gary Keeth

Los Altos

Council: Stop with ‘business park’ mentality

What is the Los Altos City Council thinking? Are councilmembers so anxious to complete the “Great Main Street Tunnel” with yet another three-story building that they are willing to sacrifice our town?

When I moved to Los Altos 40 years ago, I lived in a village with a wonderful small-town atmosphere.

Now, are we destined to reside in a business park instead?

From Foothill Expressway, one can no longer see into the downtown area.

What will it take to curtail this rash of high buildings uncomfortably close to the street? I say stop now.

Mary Popek

Los Altos

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