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Letters to the Editor

Dance studio owner clarifies the record

While I very much appreciate the wonderful recognition and photos in the Town Crier’s Family Spotlight magazine (Feb. 26), I would like to clear up a couple of mistakes.

First, my son is not, nor has he ever been, named Jackson, as the article states. He is simply Jake, the 9-year-old love of my life.

Second, I was misquoted with regard to children having to say they are sorry. For what? No child ever needs to be sorry about anything in a dance class (as long as their behavior is appropriate, of course), but we do ask that they apologize if they are tardy and thank their teachers at the end of class.

Common courtesy and important life skills should always be strived for and taught.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clarify.

Suzanne San Juan


San Juan Dance

Los Altos

Ideas for improving Los Altos

Los Altos has been my town for ever so long – I love our town.

Here are a couple of suggestions that might make a difference:

1. A shuttle bus, rather like “Marguerite” at Stanford University, that would drive around picking up and dropping off at designated stops in and around Los Altos. This would cut down on parking and give greater independence to seniors, the general population and kids. Buses, drivers and all connected must be well vetted, and the service safe. Who would foot the bill and how would need to be worked out.

2. We are in a drought, which may prove to be long lasting. Regarding the new buildings backing up to Foothill Expressway: Use fake ivy on the sides – it looks real, no water is necessary and there’s little cost for continuing care.

If I think of any more great ideas, I’ll let you know.

Sally Hatfield Barney

Los Altos

Linden Tree supports Bookstore Day

Thank you for highlighting the role and value independent bookstores provide to communities (“Literary landmarks: Independent booksellers reveal cities’ character,” Feb. 26). The article presented a global perspective of the unique treasures (both tangible and intangible) found within the retail bookstore environment. A fabulous resource to any traveler is indiebound.org/indie-store-finder, which will provide names and addresses of independent bookstores via a map search. More than 1,900 independent bookstores are available through this listing.

Linden Tree Books is an active member of this organization. The article is timely in that California Bookstore Day is May 3 and a wonderful opportunity for all book lovers and shop local supporters to be a part of the independent bookstore movement.

Dianne Edmonds

Jill Curcio

Owners, Linden Tree Books

Los Altos

Let sun shine through

Yes! I could not agree more with Jennifer Granath (Letters, “Scale back buildings to two stories downtown,” Feb. 19) about the size and placement of new buildings in and around downtown.

If they can’t be two story, then at least require setbacks to make room for trees and other foliage along the street that are pleasing to the eye and spirit, and reduce the feeling of walking down a tunnel.

Let the sun shine through!

Rita Cartalano

Los Altos

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