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Letters to the Editor

Regulate traffic near Blach school

We reside in Los Altos. We are requesting that the rules in place for “No Drop-Offs” at Carmel Terrace/Altamead Drive be enforced.

Before the “No Drop-Off” signs were installed, the corner was horribly dangerous for those of us who reside on these two streets.

The parents of these schoolchildren are breaking the rules. It has just gotten worse in the past year.

There is no school on these two streets – Blach Intermediate School is on Covington Road. We are now asking that the rules be enforced and that the school have meetings with parents and notify them that they are to drop off and pick up their children at the school their children attend.

We would also like to see a traffic light go up at Covington Road and Miramonte Avenue.

Miramonte is a major link between Foothill Expressway and Highway 101. The wear and tear on our vehicles and the total waste of high-cost gas is inexcusable. It is total gridlock in that area, and a terrible waste of time and added frustration because the “community” sees it “differently.”

Miramonte is a major thoroughfare, and there is absolutely no excuse or reason for not having a traffic light at that very congested intersection.

We hope to see these issued addressed immediately.

L. Sunland

Los Altos

Weigh performance of students from all schools

I appreciated Tom Fernstermacher’s well-written letter to the editor regarding school choice (“What does school choice mean to you?” Town Crier, Oct. 30).

I personally am not an advocate of charter schools unless they are inherently intended to provide students from a disadvantaged community the same standards of education and teacher training as those provided in our high-performing districts.

How this charter school ever garnered support for its inception and what its true intent was has always baffled me. How many of the children that were pulled from public school to attend local private schools or the charter school resurfaced at Blach Intermediate or Egan Junior High to continue their education? Surely, the numbers are available.

Do the teachers at these junior high schools note any distinction between the two groups? It’s time for them to weigh in on this for an accurate representation between the various systems.

I am grateful for the talented teachers who lent a hand to shape our future/current doctors, lawyers, engineers, electricians, social entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, tradesmen, etc., that comprise our geographical area.  

Sandra Beges

Los Altos

Help stop unwanted phone calls

I have registered on the “Do Not Call” list, but I am still getting many calls from various businesses that want me to buy their products.

I am on full-time oxygen and have many medications to take during the day. It is very difficult when I get calls and have to stop my medications and remove all the equipment, answer the telephone and find out that it is just someone wanting to sell me something.

This makes life very difficult for me.

I am not in the market for any of the things they are pushing, and I really object to be subjected to this kind of harassment.

Please tell me how I can stop these annoying calls. Thank you in advance for your help.

Rosemary Panec

Los Altos

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