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Nutritious food benefits students

Not wishing to express myself with the same level of sarcasm and disrespect as Ron Knapp, I do find that I want to refer to his “bit of a rant” in the Sept. 18 Town Crier (“Let students decide what to eat for lunch”) a question: What planet have you been living on, Ron?

There has been a nationwide movement, backed and approved by parents and school districts all over our country, to serve more nutritious food. This has been concurrent with the removal of sugary soft drinks and candy machines from schools.

Ron, are you aware that the obesity rate among young people is soaring? Or that Diabetes 2 is increasing rapidly in the same age group – and not just in ghettos?

Yes, these may be young adults or any other student, and if they wish to bring junk-food lunches or go into town, no one is going to stop them.

Many students, as you point out, are 18, yet they are not allowed to smoke on campus. In years past, students were allowed to smoke at Los Altos High School and with changing times the rule was changed.

Healthful food, as viewed by your assessment, is “crappy food.” It is not just served at Los Altos High. This national movement is being espoused by educated people and parents who want the best for their children.

I wonder also about your statement that “vendors often have nutritious, tasty food, along with the sweets and snack food.” Can that be documented to any extent?

At times, I have heard these vehicles smilingly called “Roach Coaches.” My case rests.

Joan Mather

Los Altos

Writer of letter to editor earns a vote

Thank you for publishing the letter from Ron Knapp in the Sept. 18 Town Crier. Kindly let him know that as soon as he is ready to run for office (of any kind), he has my vote locked in.

Pam Adler

Los Altos

Mobile food vendors hurt local businesses

I agree with Ron Knapp’s letter (Sept. 18) that government should not be in the business of deciding what students should or should not eat. I also agree with Councilwoman Val Carpenter that an ordinance prohibiting mobile vendors within a certain distance from schools would not be effective.

However, Knapp, Carpenter and City Attorney Jolie Houston are missing a more important issue – how mobile vendors affect our local businesses.

We hear a lot about how Los Altos residents should support our local businesses. Allowing mobile vendors to park on our streets, take our money and then drive off to the next town is talking the talk but not walking the walk.

To allow someone who has no stake in our community, employs none of our locals, pays no rent and contributes nothing to our local government coffers to come in and take our money is wrong.

How many of our kids’ first jobs were at the Italian Deli, Spot Pizza, Miyo or so many other local businesses? It’s up to us to ensure their continued success.

Woody DeMayo

Los Altos Hills

Why should I support bond for charter school?

The Bullis Charter School controversy is now, apparently, at the “sit at the table and discuss” level. The intent appears to be to find common ground that will appeal to voters for a bond measure. There are two compelling questions that must be answered.

First: Why should I pay for a bond measure for a private school started under the premise of a “charter” school?

The premise and creation of a charter school was absurd, established by the excess money and legal bullying. Am I going to be asked to pay for a private charter school whose students may come from Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Menlo Atherton, Saratoga – all at my expense? Why should I do that? Apparently if I don’t, then funding comes directly out of the existing Los Altos School District funds. This is, in reality, an extortion situation. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Second: Any bond measure requires a premise of trust that funds acquired will be used as expected. Given the demonstrated behavior and coercion tactics of Bullis Charter School advocates, tell me why I should trust them with anything? Reality: There is no trust of Bullis’ motives.

I am quite willing to listen to Bullis Charter School advocates’ answers. You can first start by telling me why you really qualify as a charter school. Then tell me why you think I should pay for your school.

Bullis Charter School advocates should be ashamed of themselves for their reckless abuse of the legal system and acts of extortion.

Kurt Ayers

Los Altos

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