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Letters to the Editor

Downtown Los Altos needs Wi-Fi service

We live in the heart of Silicon Valley, yet when it comes to Wi-Fi in our downtown area, it is nonexistent. Yes, there are a few businesses that have Wi-Fi, but not enough.

The city of Mountain View has free Wi-Fi. Palo Alto is even adding free Wi-Fi to Cogswell Park (for the homeless?).

As we tear up our town, maybe a few bucks should be spent on adding Wi-Fi. Is this another case of the shoemaker has no shoes?

Bob Simmons

Los Altos

Don’t destroy habitat on chance of flood

“More than 100 trees and 200,000 cubic yards of soil” are scheduled to be removed from a nature preserve to accommodate a flood basin. When I read those words from a letter to the editor in the Town Crier (“Digging basins is a waste of money,” July 24), I was dumbfounded.

Why would the Santa Clara Valley Water District want to destroy habitat at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve? Should watershed and riparian creeksides not be protected? Why would they spend $7 million on flood control on the chance of a flood in 100 years? Why are the opinions of outside engineers Richard Moll and Michael Hayden ignored? They oppose the project as unnecessary to protect property. Where is the environmental impact study?

I live in unincorporated Santa Clara County on Permanente Creek. In 40 years, we have never seen floodwaters. Making a huge concrete basin on Permanente Creek doesn’t make sense. I hope this project will be stopped.

Donna K. Aronson

Los Altos

Planning commissioner keeps his last name

In the Aug. 14 article on Mora Drive (Mora Drive neighbors fear dense development”), reporter Ellie Van Houtte changed my last name to Abrahamson. I object and will keep my old name, Abraham. Morgan Abraham brought it to America in 1713 from England; it has served my family well for a long time.

The reporter failed to convey what I said in a telephone conversation with her. She quoted me as saying efforts to develop substandard lots are done with very little success. We have many homes in Los Altos Hills on lots that are less than one acre. They are, for the most part, legal, nonconforming lots created prior to the town’s incorporation. Lots less than one-half acre are often difficult to develop because of their small size and the minimum setback requirements. Small lots are often merged into adjoining lots so as to create larger lots. Property owners have at times unmerged lots, restoring them back to the underlying lots. If this reduces the lots to less than an acre, the unmerging effort is often denied.

Regarding the subject of the article, I have not formed an opinion and will not until the issue comes before the Planning Commission, and that may never happen.

Jim Abraham

Planning Commissioner

Los Altos Hills

Find a Word puzzle bungles clue

I thought it was ironic that your Find A Word puzzle in the Aug. 7 issue had “Monterrey” as a California city to find, especially when the entire focus was on the “many fine cities” in California. Monterrey is in Mexico, Monterey is in California.

Betty Skov

Los Altos

Student praises Los Altos library

The Los Altos Library has always been a place for me to find books, work on homework and read for as long as I wanted.

When I was little, I used to love to go there for story time. Ever since, I have always enjoyed going to the library and reading. I also like the audiobooks, which I listen to on long drives with my family.

I am so glad that our little city has such a great library.

Thank you to all the librarians for making the Los Altos Library a great place for all the Los Altos families.

Neville Taraporevala


Los Altos High School

Nature program deserves local support

It is not often that a high school student writes asking for support of a nature program that he experienced 10 years ago. Nico Noriega’s column in the Aug. 14 Town Crier (“Former camper laments loss of nature program”) did just that, for Keith Gutierrez’s A Touch of the Earth program.

As a former Deer Hollow Farm docent who worked with Gutierrez for approximately eight years, I add my request that all who value his talent for teaching our youth “how to stay in touch with and appreciate nature and past cultures” please send a donation to keep this program running.

Note that this program is not an official nonprofit and thus donations are not tax deductible. I have sent mine anyway, because Gutierrez’s ability to connect with young people is a gift that deserves support. Please read Noriega’s piece and judge for yourself.

Make checks payable to “A Touch of the Earth” and send to 14840 Union Ave., San Jose 95124.

For more information, visit atouchoftheearth.com.

Donna Poulos

Los Altos

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