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Letters to the Editor

Supporting merchants brings ‘reward’

With the downtown association promoting shopping and dining in Los Altos versus visiting neighboring towns, I was “rewarded” with a $54.50 punishment ($81.75 if you pay after 30 days) by the guy who zooms around town marking cars with white chalk.

Does this make sense?

Common sense is very uncommon when it comes to this “reward” for supporting the town’s merchants.

The city should spend my tax money more wisely than paying a salary to a guy whose work is absolutely useless and counterproductive.

Lina Broydo

Los Altos Hills

Drivers beware: No U-turns downtown

Lately, it seems as though every time I come downtown I see someone, usually in a large SUV, making an illegal U-turn in the middle of Main Street to get to a parking spot on the other side of the street. This is a real hazard for the other drivers and pedestrians alike, not to mention totally illegal.

Last week I was pulling out of a parking spot by Starbucks and a woman in a huge SUV stopped on the other side of the double line and put on her left blinker, signaling that she was going to make a U-turn into my parking space. She backed up all the traffic on Main through the Second Street intersection. I rolled down my window and pointed to the double line and said she couldn’t do that, that it was illegal. She drove off in a huff, clearly furious with me.

I hate to suggest it, but since we can’t have a constant police presence handing out tickets, maybe the city should put up signs saying “No U-turns Allowed.” Signs like this won’t add to the ambience of our beautiful town, but they would alleviate some of the congestion.

Judith Bragg

Los Altos

‘Stand Your Ground’ not part of trial

Regarding Grace Acosta’s column on the George Zimmerman trial (“Neither guilty nor innocent,” July 24): She has every right to her opinion, even though she acknowledges that she didn’t follow the trial carefully and listened to summaries by legal analysts and journalists.

She believes that the verdict was probably correct and goes on to elaborate quite eloquently about and criticize the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Florida Stand Your Ground law that she said was the legal justification for Zimmerman’s actions.

My only objective is to set the record straight. I can’t fault Ms. Acosta’s personal conclusion, because she based her premise on statements from likewise uninformed legal analysts and journalists. The problem is that those analysts and journalists had it entirely wrong either deliberately or through ineptness about the Stand Your Ground law in the trial. It was never invoked by the defense or the prosecution, and therefore was never an issue or even mentioned during the trial.

Her false premise unfortunately detracts from the credibility of the rest of her comments. She only served to perpetuate erroneous reporting from CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, mainstream media analysts and journalists who weighed in with their “expert” opinions and misinformation.

Bill Boos

Menlo Park

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’

In the latest assault against the beleaguered residents of Fallen Leaf Lane, the proponents of the Stevens Creek Trail and their consultant (with the support of our representative) have foisted a new scheme to transform this quiet residential street into a “quasi-suitable” trail connector.

Perhaps clouded under the veil of a “feasibility study” with the prospect of free government money with ties and no worldly boundaries, these wizards feel they can denigrate and dismiss the valid concerns of residents over safety/security/land misuse and community impact. Like the “Wizard of Oz,” the munchkins mustn’t see behind the curtain.

One newly misplaced idea for repurposing this street makes automobile travel lanes and parking lanes narrower for residents, while painting a 6-foot yellow pedestrian strip in the street. Yes, a painted “sidewalk” in the street.

Not surprisingly, the affected neighborhood overwhelmingly opposes this “yellow brick road” and the obsession to change our neighborhood/community.

In south Los Altos, perhaps to the dismay of our city officials, we oppose the promulgated urbanization and such unwanted infrastructure as sidewalks, streetlights, etc.

Borrowing from Elton John’s song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” we do know where our future lies – beyond the yellow brick road.

Jo Kozak

Los Altos

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