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Letters to the Editor

Praise for a truly ‘Glorious Fourth’

I want to give a big shout-out to the Los Altos Community Foundation, which for more than 10 years has sponsored the “Glorious Fourth” celebration at Shoup Park.

This year, two bands serenaded the 500 guests, Ye Olde Towne Band and The Unicorns. Los Altos High School Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson was a great master of ceremonies for the fun children’s events, a bouncy-ball race and a Hula-Hoop contest.

The crowd was disappointed when the expected Fourth of July orators (the mayors of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills) were no-shows. In their stead, Roy Lave, LACF founder, and Joe Eyre, LACF executive director, filled in nicely. They reminded us to cherish our liberty and the many blessings our community enjoys in this troubled world.

Thank you again for a great party, Los Altos Community Foundation and volunteers.

Paul Gonella

Los Altos

Residents dismayed by ‘pigsty’ sidewalks

Since my husband and I moved downtown four years ago, we have walked through the town every morning.

We are extremely disappointed with and dismayed by its appearance. No amount of beautification can overcome the filthy sidewalks outside of the food and drink purveyors.

How can customers eat in the pigstys outside the businesses? Those that are encroaching on the sidewalks should be expected to clean the sidewalks near their establishments. At least Le Boulanger, Maltby’s and Pompeii strive to do so once in a while. Surely others could be more responsible.

Terry Parker

Los Altos

Digging basins is a waste of money

Neither the Santa Clara Valley Water District nor the Committee for Green Foothills cares about wasting $7 million in taxpayer money on a proposed flood basin in Rancho San Antonio Park, one of the largest open spaces in Santa Clara County. One-half million residents enjoy Rancho annually.

The proposed 15-acre Rancho flood basin would remove more than 100 trees and 200,000 cubic yards of soil. It would destroy the existing wetland basin, something that would never be permitted if proposed by the private sector.

The water district cannot defend its hydrology calculations, which independent, local engineers Richard Moll and Mike Hayden claim are exaggerated by at least 200 percent. Both Moll and Hayden contend that the proposed Rancho basin would not have any meaningful flow. Do we have a different standard for the water district, here?

In planning the Rancho basin, water district engineers seem to have ignored warnings that altering the existing Rancho basin may destroy the natural wetland meadow and drop the natural, historical water table.

I phoned the Committee for Green Foothills June 25 asking for support in the form of a letter to the water district questioning its plans for a basin at Rancho San Antonio Park, then followed up with environmental impact and hydrology reports from local experts. So far, no one has responded.

Cynthia Riordan


Resident nixes idea of parking meters

I oppose the idea of installing parking meters downtown. We just spent a lot of money to beautify our streets – new lampposts, street signs, benches, flowers and much more. The idea of cluttering up our streets with parking meters on our sidewalks should be put into the round file along with that crazy roundabouts idea.

Regarding parking: I have been a regular shopper downtown for 40 years and have never had a problem parking relatively near where I want to shop.

If we need to fund a parking garage, please don’t deface our newly beautiful streets with parking meters.

And please, let’s not pay another “consultant” to study this idea. Just ask the people who live and shop here.

Catherine Kordsmeier

Los Altos

Thanks for recognizing firefighters

Thank you for the outstanding column on the bravery of our firefighters (“Recent news reminds us of firefighters’ invaluable service,” July 17).

You beautifully articulated what we all know and appreciate about first responders.

We are so fortunate to have such brave men and women who are willing to sacrifice to protect our lives, property and environment.

In our area, we are grateful to the Santa Clara County Fire Department for providing world-class services to our community.

Duffy Price, vice president

Los Altos Hills County Fire District

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