Nora Evans Buys left 'this veil of tears', as she used to say, on April 11, 2021. She spent her final months in the Sequoias Health  Center in Portola Valley. After almost 10 years at the Sequoias, making friends, hosting family visitors, and serving as the Vespers coordinator,  Nora re-married and lived with her 2nd husband, Dr. Frank Berry of Los Altos, who died on Feb. 7.  Many people carry her forever in their hearts. These include her four children, Richard, Robert, Barbara, and Kathryn Buys; her 5 grand-children, her 6 great grand-children, and countless friends and cousins. Nora and her first husband, Norman Buys,  fostered a life-long very close friendship with 3 other families (Weiss, Besson, Alexander) and was a 2nd Mom to many of those kids. Together, those 4 families created love, joy, and fun. Nora is the last of those elders to grace us with her presence here on Earth. 

Nora was born in 1926 in Tienstin, China to missionary parents who met in Tienstin but were from the same small town, Turner, Maine.

She often told stories of China, particularly of times spent in Beidaihe, swimming in the ocean, and reading book after book. She treasured her 

time at school in Tongzhou and talked about all the people whose lives her parents touched.  

Nora came to the United States in 1941 and lived in Montclair, New Jersey where she later married Norman Buys. They had their first three 

children in New York and then moved to Sunnyvale, CA in 1956 and had their 4th child in California. 

Nora loved her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren fiercely and with steadfast dedication. She fostered friendships through Bible Study Fellowship, two different churches, writing seminars, Torah study at Beth Am, and through her kids. A friend of someone she loved was an immediate friend of hers. Nora held the equality of all close to her heart and aligned her actions with her values in everything she did. Her favorite moments included playing with a child, laughing with a friend, singing in the choir, or listening to the Mozart flute and harp concerto, or swimming in a lake or ocean. There's a new rose garden blooming beyond the veil!

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