The Los Altos Town Crier is your local source for all news and advertising in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View. But we are also a struggling business, like many coming out of this pandemic. We need your support.

Our two main sources of revenue are advertising and subscriptions. We need both. Without them, your Town Crier would not exist.

The Town Crier has not missed a publication date since 1947 (a nearly 75-year run). Please encourage and patronize our advertisers. Tell them you saw their ad in the Town Crier and thank them for supporting your local newspaper.

The Town Crier publishes 16,000 papers each week. According to industry standards, that means reaching 40,000 of some of the most affluent readers in the country. No publication gives you, the reader and the advertiser, that depth of local penetration.

Bottom line, the Town Crier is made up of a tremendous group of hardworking editorial, production and sales team members. But we need you, our readers and our businesses, to partner with us to make us even better.

We have recently invested in upgraded software and systems to increase and strengthen our digital presence. Look for coming news on that front. If you want to advertise or subscribe, call us at 948-9000 and our staff will gladly help you. Help us help you reach your goals.

Thank you for your continuing and future support.

Dennis Young, chairman of the board, co-publisher

Howard Bischoff, president, co-publisher

Kathy Lera, vice president of sales and marketing