Los Altos resident Anitha Rajesh wrote this reflection on a feeling to share with her family and is sharing it here, too. How is your own household taking a moment to do something that feels different this Thanksgiving? Let us know on Facebook or email elizar@latc.com. “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”–Eckhart Tolle

 What is gratitude? “Gratitude”comes from the Latin word “gratus,”which means “thankful”or “pleasing.”Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; gratitude is to recognize everything one has, and appreciate and express it to others by returning the kindness through words, actions or both.

Gratitude is the best attitude to have in life,as it will keep one very joyful, peacefuland content. Gratitude allows one to recognize the good in one’s life. Gratitude focuses on all of the positive things in one’s life. Gratitude appreciates every good quality of life, however small or big it is. Gratitude constantly reminds one about all the great things in life aroundus. Gratitude should not be limited to just one day or just one month. Just like every other emotion or relationship,gratitudeneeds to be appreciated every day; gratitude should fill our lives every day, every moment.

Life is a celebration,and one should celebrate everything life has blessed them with by appreciating every moment. Life today is hectic, and most of the world is running on a very tight schedule either after money, passion, power, name, fame or a combination. Amid chasing things in life, gratitude is the best attitude that canmake one be conscious, mindfuland peaceful internally. One has to be grateful for what life has blessed them with. Being grateful drives away the negativity inlife. Being grateful fills one’s life with positive vibes. Being grateful enables one to see that the sources of that good are usually pretty close by, many times right with or within one.

Being grateful allows one to recognize those who bring goodness into their lives. Being grateful humbles one to give credit to those they are grateful for. Being grateful can be a wonderful tool that will not only increase one’s performance in what they are doing, but also enhance life satisfaction and elevate one’s confidence in self/life while multiplying their social integration.

Being grateful increases long-term happiness; after all, that's exactly what a human being aspires to achieve in one’s life. Just an ounce of gratitudein one’s heart can exponentially result in millions of benefits for them, their familyand society. The world would be a real paradise to live in when gratitude becomes everyone’s attitude.

Anitha Rajesh is a Los Altos resident.