Theater not proper use of taxpayers’ funds

I completed an opinion survey proposing a performing arts center in the city-owned parking plaza behind the Discovery Shop on Main Street.

The results indicated that a performing arts center in a city-owned parking lot was not an overwhelming priority. Even though 43% want a theater, 39% do not and 18% remain undecided – the nays and “uncertains” are a majority.

Many comments strongly opposed holding parking spaces for a five-year memorandum of understanding, having the city fund $50,000 of tax dollars for the MOU feasibility study “to put our skin in the game,” blocking access to stores and adding to current parking challenges. The survey results overwhelmingly said that if such a plan were to be considered, it should be part of a more extensive survey or put to a citywide vote, and the city should not fund the project. We are currently operating with a deficit budget and have many critical issues before the city.

The proposal for the performing arts center went before the city council Nov. 11. To my dismay, the measure passed by a 3-2 vote. I cannot help but wonder who the three council members are representing. Special interest groups? Themselves? This is not the first time Sally Meadows, Neysa Fligor and Jonathan Weinberg have voted as a unit and ignored the best interests of Los Altans and their fiduciary responsibilities as our representatives. What is going on?

A performing arts center is not the proper use of community funds now or five years from now. It’s not the right time, not the right place, and is not the will of the people.

John C. Shoemaker

Los Altos

Lower speed limit on Cuesta Drive

My car just survived the traffic-calming humps on Cuesta Drive at 20 mph. Going faster would have caused discomfort if not damage.

The distance between Springer Road and El Monte Avenue is 2/3 mile. It took me two minutes. If we spend a lot of money to fix the mistake and make the speed 25 mph, I would save 24 seconds traveling that distance.

Can’t we all just slow down a little for better safety, a somewhat slower life and the comfort of the people living on Cuesta? And post the speed at 20 mph?

Jerry Clements

Los Altos